Lets go Dancing in the Light

Ah, autumn. When the leaves change, the air gets crisp, and we enjoy a cool refreshing temperature of...


Dear Phoenix.

On this lovely day of fall, when the weather is changing (slowly) into my favorite time of year, I decided to pay homage to all of the places I have lived during autumn.

Phoenix, AZ

The first 18 autumns of my life were spent in Phoenix. We don't get a lot of colorful leaves here, mostly just yellow and brown, but I do remember once my second grade teacher brought in this beautiful little red leaf into class and gave us a taste of what fall could be like other places.

I also remember that every September there was always one great storm where I felt the change. Not the hot, humid, mugginess of an August monsoon storm, but there was a chill in the wind, and we could breathe without choking on heat once the rain ended. As wonderful and exciting as a monsoon can be, that one storm always spoke of the excitement that fall brings. I love that storm, I remember running out and dancing in it and looking at the sky and knowing my birthday was coming.

Provo, UT

Fall of 2004 through fall of 2008 were spent in Provo. In Provo the weather changes more drastically than in Phoenix, there are a few more colors in the leaves, and the air feels crisp and alive and refreshing, perfect for football. Maybe that is why the only place I could ever be bothered to care about a football game was in Provo. If only the Cougars were playing better this year.

Provo was the first place that I jumped into a pile of leaves. I remember going to Kiwanis park with my friends Sarah and Kristin, jumping in a pile of leaves, and bringing some home. We discussed fall and all the things we love, like pumpkin. It was at that table, with those leaves that the idea for the pumpkin party was born. Wouldn't it be fun to get people together and just eat different pumpkin treats? What better day to have it than on my birthday? And so it was that on my 20th birthday we ate Kristin's pumpkin bread, my pumpkin roll, and I blew out the candles on Sarah's pumpkin pie. All thanks to autumn.

South Royalton, VT

There is no place on this earth more beautiful than Vermont in the fall.Talk about color and trees, and crisp air, Vermont is truly what autumn is all about. My autumns in Vermont took me to pumpkin festivals, the Tunbridge worlds fair, and autumn pig roasts. I will forever miss Vermont when the fall arrives, no matter where I live.

Cergy/Paris, France

Cergy and Paris were an entirely different experience for autumn. It was warm there fairly late into October. Not Phoenix warm, but not the cool crispness I had gotten used to in Provo and South Royalton. Also, the trees stayed green for a long time, every once in awhile you would get this awesome pop of color as an entire tree would change amidst a sea of green. Despite the copious amount of leaves that seemed to stay on the trees, I was always walking through plenty as well. Late October and November was when it started getting fairly windy and cool. Paris was truly a special place though, and there was something about the fall air that seemed to add to that, I couldn't tell you exactly what it was, but I loved it. Then when I was up in St. Malo, I knew I had found the place I could live for forever and always be happy. It was fall, and beautiful, and I was on a beach. There is nothing better than that my friends, nothing.

London, England

I only spent a day in London, but it was in November. It was perpetually cloudy, it got dark fairly early, and it was not as green as Cergy or as well lit as Paris. It was, however, quite a bit cleaner (the London tube is so clean guys, it boggles the mind) and I was walking around all by myself at 11 PM at night along the Thames and felt no fear of attack was imminent, which was probably mere stupidity on my part, but nice at the time. Also, I was worried it would be really cold, but the weather was actually the perfect temperature for all of the walking I did (and man, did I do a lot!)

I love autumn, I can't wait to see where else life will send me, and what other places I will experience fall.

Also, I miss France a lot.


Anonymous said…
I love this blog and I love the fall.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

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