Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak

What a week it has been!! It all started last Friday with the Harry Potter extravaganza of the century. Sarah dressed up as Ginny, I tried to be Hermione, but it was thrown together last minute so I'm afraid it failed. After a pre Potter Potter party in Allred three, where we took some delicious pumkpin pasties that I made, we headed up to the bookstore where I ran into Kristin Lowe with her awesome shirt and hot hair, and took a sweet pic with Madame Hooch, and of course, we got our seventh book.

Upon returning home I promptly went to bed, because I had to wake up the next morning and drive to Vegas for my cousin's wedding. It was some sweet times. I got to see my family, spend some time in the Viva Las Vegas wedding Chapel, go swimming in the pool at the hotel, and got started on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Sunday was the return drive to Provo, where I was able to read to chapter twenty seven of Harry Potter, extra reading time was allotted on account of the accident which stopped traffic for an hour and a half. We finally arrived in Provo, had tacos for dinner at my apartment, then drove around a bit. My parents of course wanted to drive by Kiwanis Park, then we drove past Wyview so Alicia could see where she would be staying in the fall. Then I spent the night with my fam at the Best Western Cotton Tree Inn. The next morning we went to IHOP for breakfast, then a trip to Wal Mart, where I got a mattress topper which has made all the difference on my bed. Then my parents and younger siblings continued onward on their trek to Boston.

Tuesday brought the holiday which is apparently bigger than any other holiday in Utah, that's right... Pioneer Day. To celebrate this festive occasion my roommates and I went to the outlets in Park City. It rained and it was lovely.I tried on clothes but bought nothing since I have no money. However, I took these pictures so that I can go back someday, I loved the brown pants, and the jeans, and someday they'll be mine.

Wednesday was very nearly the most exciting evening of them all. It was college night at Ikea, so of course we went! Upon arriving at the store, we discovered a woman at a table, who asked to see our student I.D.s, to ensure we were in fact students there for college night,then asked if we wanted a tool kit or a frisbee. I got the tool kit. Then she gave us all a little golden envelope, and I opened mine to discover a $50 Ikea gift card. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I didn't spend a drop of it that evening. Rather, I came home, and went online to look at the things I would like to buy and added up the costs so that I may return at a later date, ready and able to make my purchases.

Then tonight was the wedding event that almost didn't happen, and basically didn't anway. Bukran and Meghan's wedding reception took place at Lewis Park, sans -ils. They were trapped in Colorado with their car, which melted, well, some of it did, onto the axel. Al and I drove around for two hours, having a bit of trouble finding the place. Upon arrival we did, however, get to see Sterling and Cylinn, and Nate, who was Emily-less since she is in St. George with her brother and he had to work. We wanted to show Bukran that we were having a good time, even though they weren't there. So, now my last apartment nine boy is married, and I think I only have one more wedding reception to attend to this year, maybe two.

All in all it's been a great week. Tomorrow night is a black tie event with my ward, and Lauren is in town this weekend, although I doubt I'll see much of her, since she is really here to see Tucker. I am also intent to start some hard core LSAT studying, and perhaps go to Fuddruckers for Tyler Buttars birthday party. Additionally, Muse tickets have all been bought, and so I am gearing up for that exciting event to take place in September! Oh, and I finished Harry Potter, and its amazing. What a great life.


Chelsea said…
I am so happy for you. By the way, why are some of your pictures on your blog non-clickable? Do you resize them when you add them to the draft?
Lil Renny said…
I resized some but not all, sorry. At first I loaded them as medium size but then found that to be a bit bulky for my taste, so just shrank the rest to small size and didn't adjust them. If you would like to see them nice and large I could upload them to Picasa for you.
BitterTea said…
Hey where are you moving to?
Aaron said…
What are the orange things on the wall?
Lil Renny said…
The orange things are candles, and if you read Harry Potter you would get it.
alirara said…
you are beautiful it was fun hanging out and stuff see you soon like in 2 weeks when we will live in the same city again for at least a semester.
alirara said…
ps it is funny how you have a bright flash as a face

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