Keep Moving Forward

I decided yesterday was blog worthy. So, here I am, blogging about it.
First of all, yesterday I went to University Mall to do a little window shopping, and while I was there, I came to the stark realization that I am old. No, that is the wrong word, a full blown adult is more like it. I was walking about and decided to drop into Aeropostale, and was immediately overcome by the fact that I was there by myself, without a teenage sibling as an excuse, and it was odd.
I don't really know when this change happened, I never really feel like I am any older than I was in high school, partially because I'm still in school, and everyone around me, regardless of their age, is still in school as well. I am well aware of the fact that in two weeks I will be 21 and 3/4 years old... therefore, an adult I must be. It was a strange phenomena to experience just the same.
Then, last night on campus, they showed an outdoor movie, Meet the Robinsons. I don't want to give any plot away, but I really did end up liking this movie a lot. At the very end of the film they put up a quote by Walt Disney that said, Keep Moving Forward. Now I have to say, Walt Disney really is one of my greatest heroes, I simply think he is amazing, up there with C.S. Lewis or something.
It was odd, I can't really explain why this meant so much to me, but it did. So, here I am, I will keep moving forward, despite the fact that now I'm old. Graduating in December and moving forward into the unknown. I have to say though, life is good. That is all.


wilbur said…
Lindsey, I updated! Check it out!
Anonymous said…
remember when I saw you at harry potter!
Kristin said…
I broke down yesterday while I was at work and ran up to the bookstore and bought a copy and starting reading feverishly. I just finished it like 5 minutes ago. it was good... it's weird for it to be all over and to just be sitting in my apt alone...letting it sink in. I've been reading all day... I think I need to shower and eat... you know the things that aren't really important when you're reading hp. :)
Chelsea said…
Say "Hi" to your family for me. I like them. Also, when are you going to post about your sweet Vegas trip?

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