Welcome to the Hotel California

I'm in Provo. I said often last summer that Provo was my Hotel California. I could check out anytime I liked, but I could never leave. While driving to Provo, about ten miles outside of town Henry decided he would be funny, and Hotel California came up on my play list. Its funny how a year can change you, but Provo causes me to Retrace.

So here I am. I'm leaving Saturday to go up to Yakima, Washington for an internship, then I'll be passing through Provo again to get back to Phoenix for my older brother's wedding in August.

I'm excited for Yakima. Hooray for seeing Jackie! Hooray for internships!

When I think about going back to Vermont I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don't know why. I did really well in school this past year. I just want to be done now. I did a year of law school, degree please.

Actually I think it just shows that the East Coast is not the place for me. Its not my final resting place. I don't miss it when I'm not there. Its a beautiful place to be, but while I'm in Vermont I miss the west a lot.

I forget what the point of this post was.


kristinanne said…
i had the same feeling about provo... weird
Chelsea said…
That's funny because we have sometimes compared Provo to Casablanca - with everyone hoping to be there temporarily and waiting for their exit visas.

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