Happy Birthday Dad!

I'm doing my dad's birthday tribute an hour early what with the day full of driving tomorrow.

My dad is the most awesome dad in the world. I know a lot of people say that about their dad. You probably think it about yours, but, well, you're wrong. Mine is. He wins the dad contest.

My dad is probably one of the smartest people I know. He has read the dictionary. Yeah, the dictionary. He is kind of funny about things, like he likes to pretend he knows nothing about computers, even though he was a computer science major for a while, he just likes to act like he can't figure it out. Until he is doing family history, then he seems to be able to find his way around a computer. Or when my mom threatens to throw out an old broken computer, then my pack rat dad jumps into gear and fixes it... somehow.

He is a serious do it yourself-er. He isn't one of those do it yourself people that does it and then hires a professional to fix it. He does it right the first time. He spent one hot July digging up our yard to install a new pipe when our old one collapsed (yeah, for some reason they thought using a paper product would be a good idea.) He built my mom an island in her kitchen, which included working with the gas line and electrical line in order to set up the new oven and provide electricity to the island as well.

My dad is someone who decides what he is going to do, and does it. He is serious and careful, and speaks with purpose.

Now, I will tell you the secret about my dad that many people are shocked to find out, he is the life of the party, and the funniest man I know. People are always floored by this because he doesn't wander around loud and exuberant, terrifying others with his personality. Then you get him to a party and in front of a microphone and people are always like, "do you see your dad? I bet you didn't know he was fun like that!!!" All of us just kind of smile and shake our heads and say, "yes, yes we did. My dad is more fun than anyone else."

My favorite thing about my dad is that all of my life he has taught us the gospel by word and by example. He wants us to learn from his mistakes as well as ours, and he has a strong testimony of the gospel, and wants us to have a strong testimony as well.

My dad has always supported me in my goals. Last summer he drove with me out to Vermont to start school, and when I had a nervous breakdown about starting law school he talked to me in his calm, deliberate voice, and then, gave me a father's blessing, the greatest thing any father can give their child.

I love my dad for being a type of my Father in Heaven. I'm grateful he is a worthy priesthood holder and that he has worked hard all of my life, and before it, to support his family.

I'm also grateful that I'm his favorite, and that he tells me I'm the smartest of all the kids :) I'm proud to say I am my father's daughter. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!


Ruth said…
I love your tributes and this one was beautiful!

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