A New Series! Things Renny Hates

I know it sounds negative, but trust me, its going to be awesome.

So today's post is entitled: The Superfluous Use of the Letter K

You know you've seen it. You're driving along and there is a sign advertising something, a campground or some such place, but instead of using the letter 'C' where it belongs they switch it out for a 'K'.

I'm sure the first person that did this did it for alliterative purposes. Which in and of itself causes flames to burn on the side of my sister's face.

Now, I see it everywhere. No alliteration, no rhyme or reason, just bad spelling.

KOA= Kampgrounds of America
While driving home I saw signs for Kozy Kamps by the River and the Kum and Go gas station ( don't even get me started on that one...)

I'd like to start a campaign to bring back the letter 'C'. Why do people toss it aside so easily? I like the letter C, its a nice letter. There are a few reasons why this misuse of the letter K bothers me so much.

1. I detest misspellings of words. Why would you do it on purpose? WHY?

2 The letter K, when used improperly reminds me of Gumby. I cannot even begin to tell you how much Gumby scared me as a child. So much so that I can't even bring myself to post a picture of him here. I like Pokey, Pokey did not terrify me:
but Gumby? Ugh. The letter K looks like him, and when I see it at the beginning of words that are supposed to use the letter C, all I see is that evil little green monster, mocking me:
                                     Gumby, gumby, gumby, mwahahahaha!!!!

3. Hey, superfluous K users, you know who else likes to spell things using the letter K? The Ku Klux Klan. Yeah, and they're pure evil. So the next time you're thinking, "hey lets remove this C and use a K instead!" just remember, that means you're supporting the KKK, and that makes you pure evil.


alirara said…
2 things: 1 I loved Gumby and Pokey and thje block heads as a child so much I would always draw the blockheads on paint. Just in funny different situations like driving a car, sitting under a tree etc.
2. Flames on the side of my face burning burning my face
Ace Rey said…
I liked watching Gumby, I used to have the whole theme song memorized...

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