I'm Not Dead

I drove across the country all by myself. 
First I went to the Atlantic Ocean. You cannot move to the east coast(ish) and not go to the Atlantic Ocean. I walked to the shoreline to spend a little time getting to know this new body of water. Not my old friend, the Pacific. Very different. Very Cold. Very nice to bond with it.

Then, I saw Anberlin three times.
I'm very bitter about missing that fourth show. They performed two new songs off their upcoming album and Stephen said it was the best show of the tour. Bitter bitter bitter. But what can you do when you feel that stupor of thought when you think about being mostly by yourself alone on the streets of New York? Sigh...
Three times was amazing though.

Then I drove alone with a massive head cold. I did sing along with Henry sometimes because, you know, you have to at some point. I took the crappiest picture of the arch in St. Louis, jut for you my blog readers. If I had more time, or if my batteries hadn't been dead while on the freeway, I would have taken a better one.

Then I went to Oklahoma City and got to see Kyla and Brian and experience Braums.

Then after more travelling I finally made it back into the warm embrace of the state I love so much. I felt it as soon as I cross the border from New Mexico (whose slogan should be "The Land of Creepers"). Safety, peace, happiness, love, and yes, heat. Except in Flagstaff, the weather was, of course, perfect there.

I love everything about Arizona, I decided.

So now I'm home. I have so many blog posts swirling around in my brain, and I will share many of them with you soon.

For now though, I've got to succumb to the cold medicine. Just know that I conquered the land.


Ruth said…
So glad you are home safe and sound. ;-) Enjoy the wedding and family time! When I was your age I drove across country (from Tucson to the UP) visiting friends and family on the way. After a long visit at home I returned to Arizona, where my plans had all fallen throgh and then turned around and went all the way back to the UP...that time with a small u-haul trailer (pulled by my trusty Corolla) with all my stuff and through the mountains of Colorado no less! I drove 10,000 miles that summer of '79 (before you were born!)

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