Who Knows Where the Road Will Lead Us?

Part 1 in a series of parts. This post presents a basic overview of subjects I'd like to discuss. 

Well, since it is now October I figured its high time I get all political up in here. There is only a month left for people to decide who they want to vote for next month.

Normally I try to avoid politics, mostly because I think, "who cares what I think? Nobody, that's who."

That is probably true, but the fact is that I have never cared more about who gets elected president this November. The past few elections I've been somewhat passive, I didn't like either major party candidate, so I voted for a third party I knew wouldn't win, but knew I had to vote for what I thought was right, and moved on. This is the first time I want someone from a major party to win, and so, my guy has a fighting chance. Thus I feel the need to voice my opinion, just in case anyone is still wondering, and might, for some reason, care what I think. Or maybe you just feel like one person's opinion would help you know where to start when it comes to making your own decision at the ballot next month.

So, guys, I'm voting for Mitt Romney. It wasn't an easy road that led me here, when he ran in 2008 I wasn't a huge fan, although I would have preferred him to John McCain... but I didn't pick him in the primaries (I am a registered republican, FYI.) So, why Mitt? Well let me tell you.

The first time I ever heard of Mitt Romney was in 2002 when the Olympics were held in Salt Lake City. All I really knew was that they were going to go bankrupt and perhaps lose the winter games but they called Mitt and said "help us!" and he saved the Olympics with his business saavy. Fast forward to 2008 and I see him on the T.V. running for president and I think, "hey, its the Olympics guy!" I watched him in debates and learned a little about him. There was nothing in his career that wouldn't recommend him to me, but for some reason, I just didn't love him, in fact something about him sort of bothered me. I suppose this is a theme we've heard during this campaign time and again, Mitt isn't relatable and whatnot. I guess that was it for me last time, "this guy would probably do a good job, but... I don't know, I just like Ron Paul better." Ron Paul didn't get the vote to run, I didn't like McCain and didn't care for Obama, so I sought out third party candidates and voted for Bob Barr, the libertarian hopeful. Bob didn't win, Barack did, and here we are four  years later.

What happened in those four years? Barack Obama proved himself to me to be a terrible, and somewhat scary, person to have as president. I listened to his speeches four years ago and while I didn't agree with a lot of his politics (I am and always will be against big government) I figured things probably wouldn't change much with him in office. Disenchanted with the status quo I thought, "oh who cares if he wins? Things will keep going as they have been and in four years we'll do it all again."

Wow, was I wrong. First of all, I don't like Obamacare. The problem in this country is not our healthcare system, its our health insurance system. Spin the words so "without health insurance" means "you will die!" and people think that those five people on the Supreme Court that upheld the law saved the lives of the 40 million without insurance. Lies guys. All lies. I have a real problem with a government that mandates anything for me. All our government has been doing over the last 60 years is adding mandate upon mandate, and nobody is more mandate-y than Barack and his little wife, whom I cannot stand and I swear if I see her on one more hit TV show I'm going to throw the set out the window.

Don't tell me I can't buy soda! Don't villanize a fast food conglomorate that has created jobs for I don't even know how many people! Don't lock up infant formula in hospitals because you want to force women to breast feed! How are we okay with all of this? Where is the ACLU when you actually NEED them? Why does the first amendment only apply when you agree with someone? No! This is not okay with me. Watching our economy worsen, graduating with over $100,000 in debt and having no job prospects, seeing the price of gasoline skyrocket, and seeing our right to choose our own life taken away by someone who wants to make all of my decisions for me has lit a fire under me. Barack Obama doesn't care about you and he doesn't care about America, he cares about having all the power and holding all the cards. It all sounds a little too much like Mussolini for my taste, and so I have taken a long hard look at the candidates and this is why the change of heart for Mitt.

Villanize people that have made a lot of money in the business all you want. To me that means that Mitt knows how to work hard, he knows how to be successful, and he knows what builds business and what doesn't. Why has all business become evil? Why do we begrudge others success? Because of the few who have used their power for evil? And where does Barack get off saying Mitt is out of touch with the rest of America? Because Barack is only living off a salary of $30,000 a year... oh wait, that is not true.

Mitt Romney's record shows that he knows how to build business, in fact he built his career on saving businesses. While he was governor of Massachusetts he didn't take a salary yet he still balanced the state budget, and despite what Harry Reid has said, Mitt Romney always paid his taxes.

Lately the thing that has upset me the most is Obama going on the View instead of talking to Netanyahu and doing anything about the fact that four Americans were murdered in Libya. Really? The View? That is appalling to me and not okay at all.

So I'm voting for Mitt Romney in November. I hope you will too.

Want to learn more about the candidates and their platforms? I'm all for informed voting. Check out their websites, and come back to hear more about why I prefer Romney to Obama and maybe a little bit about why I love Paul Ryan.

Romney's plan

Obama's plan


Ben Sewell said…
Awesome! I always enjoy a good political blog. For full disclosure I will admit I am a ‘no party preference’. In California's closed primary system that means I'm not able to vote in primary elections. So I didn't vote for Mitt Romney in the California primaries. But I am very happy with the Republican Party’s nomination of Mitt Romney for president. I recently took an online survey and found that I sided with Gary Johnson 96% of the time Mitt Romney 56% of the time on issues and some guy named Virgil Goode of the Constitution party 56% of the time. I sided with 51% of the American voters, 49% of California voters. I even sided with the Green party 20% of the time. With Barack Obama I cited 15% of the time and the Democratic Party only 5%. The only thing that shocked me was how little I sided with the Democratic Party. As a true liberal meaning one that believes in individual rights and responsibilities, I feel that the word liberal has been hijacked by the Democratic Party. I guess and nowadays nomenclature you would refer to me as a libertarian. I feel the word that best describes the Democratic Party now Is Socialist, a cradle-to-grave welfare state, a ‘Nann-ian’ utopia where individual rights are trampled by the collective need. Today's Democrats have never met a problem that they were willing to fix with your dollar. The U.S. Senate hasn't signed a constitutionally mandated budget in 1271 days. As chief executive of the executive branch Pres. Barack Obama should be pressing his party who controls the Senate to pass a budget. That is just one of his many failures. This administration has been besieged by scandal after scandal and because the mainstream media is the cheerleader for the Democratic Party we the American people hear little to nothing about it. The Republicans are not blameless in this whole process either. Under George W. Bush we took on record deficit spending as well, he coined this as “compassionate conservatism.” We also engaged in two wars and spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in that process. Through 2003-2006 Republicans controlled the Congress, the Senate and the Presidency. In inflation-adjusted dollars they had deficits of 470 billion, 501 billion, 373 billion, and 282 billion. With all that control the Republican showed that they were nothing but tax-and-spend politicians as well. In 2009 however the democratically controlled Congress, Senate, and Presidency had a deficit spending of $1.5 trillion. In 2010 it was 1.3 trillion, again 1.3 trillion in 2011 and so far in 2012 1.1 trillion. Our outstanding public debt is now more than $16 billion. Our national debt now is bigger than our GDP. Our unfunded liabilities number more than $70 trillion. Some wonder if there's even that amount of money in the world! The democratic solution to our debt crisis which I think is the number one issue facing America is to tax, tax, tax! Even though historically whenever we raise taxes we bring in fewer revenues as people find tax shelters invest in other countries or hide their money away from the IRS. The government could scoop up 100% of GDP and pay off its debt; they would still have to borrow for operational costs, defense and infrastructure. The citizenry would get nothing. Our problem is not revenue it’s spending. The solution is to grow ourselves out of this problem economically and drastically reduce the size of the millstone government strapped to the neck of this economy. We need somebody who will cut spending, who will shrink the government. Who will run it more like a business, make it more efficient and less cumbersome. I believe Mitt Romney is the man for that job. Even though I side 96% Gary Johnson, I am keenly aware that one vote for him is one vote for President Barack Obama. And, we just can't afford that!
Anonymous said…
Amen to you both!
Love, Mom

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