Wherein I Turn 27 and other Shenanigans.

The end of October is always a sprint into November for me. Which is too bad because I love October, best month ever.

This month I started a new job, put in my mission papers, had another pumpkin party, celebrated two sister's birthdays as well as a sister in law. I need to make some chili for my ward's trunk or treat tomorrow, and I am endlessly waiting for my mission call to come... seriously, its a little ridiculous.

For the pumpkin party I tried my hand at macarons again. Yes, I made pumpkin macarons. I was nervous about the recipe because I sort of added things on my own, without consulting a French person... but I trusted in the pumpkin, and the pumpkin did not let me down. Seriously France, eat more pumpkin because they were delicious.

So, here are photos for y'all.

 I made pumpkin graham crackers for the s'mores at the party. They turned out delicious.
 Fire for said s'mores.
 All three of my bros, enjoying pumpkin deliciousness.
 Jessica, Neomi, Korina, and Shyanne love pumpkins and fires.
 The pumpkin cheesecake that my mommy made for me.
 The table without the flash and the candles lit.
 We took the kids to a pumpkin "patch" at this church in Scottsdale and they had a few photo opportunities. (P.S. When you post photos in a large bunch they don't show up in order, and I don't feel like rearranging them.)
 Pumpkin goodies.
 My pumpkin. It is a kitty bat.
 Group photo at the patch.
 They all got a tiny pumpkin to take home. Oh and candy, hence the stick in Shyanne's mouth.

 The backyard station at the pumpkin party.
 Cute little cactus and pumpkin.

 I just enjoy this picture. Cute little weirdos.
 This picture cracks me up. Plus I think she looks a little like a vampire and you know, it's almost Halloween.
Seriously, this baby is ridiculously cute. Now, whenever you say, "say cheese!" She makes this face in response.

In other news I've considered another political post, but the idea of it exhausts me, so it probably won't happen. You can all breathe a sigh of relief. Except all this stuff with Libya makes me sick. Four people are dead. They shouldn't be. Just sick to my stomach. Okay soapbox is put away now. I've told you who I'm voting for and I just hope that no matter what you will educate yourself on the candidates and vote. Please vote.

Happy October!


Anonymous said…
I loved that I finally got to be a part of one of your pumpkin parties. We will have to have one while you are on your mission as well. The pumpkin macaroons were delicious! Also, anyone who votes for Obama now after what happened in Libya is insane. That event and the response to it are inexcusable and treasonous.
Love Mom.
Brian & Kyla said…
Hope you had a great party!

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