Arizona, You're Embarrassing Me

Clinton and McCain took their respective victories in Arizona on Super Tuesday. What is wrong with my home state? Vote for someone else. You know who I wish was running for president? Henry Clay. Everyone else running is lame. But when it comes to choosing the lesser of evils, McCain and Clinton are not my choices. America can't seem to get it together. Since nobody is happy with anybody, there is no clear front runner, and I fear, in the end, the two people running in November will be these two.
Bring back Henry Clay!
In other news, I am now in Sacramento. I hope I get the job with Enterprise. The first interview went well, in the meantime, I am going to become a mystery shopper. They said that sometimes I have to upset sales associates to see how they work under pressure situations. This is going to be fun!


Aaron said…
How did you get the mystery shopper gig? I want to do it!!!
Lil Renny said…
There are lots of places online, but I signed up with one that advertised on craigs list. Mom does it with the bank.
Ruth said…
Thanks for helping me with the music lil renny. I will be praying for you to get a good job. Enjoy your time in California. Matt went and never came back.
Mrs. M
Anonymous said…
i agree. in the words of Jacob
" America's a rip-off!"
plus, i'm sad becuz romney suspended his campaign:( when did america lose it's good taste?

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