An Ode to the Perennial Date: Mini Golf and Arcade

I can't say I blame guys, clearly this is something easy to fall back on. You can engage in an activity and still talk and get to know each other. In addition, it is a better choice than bowling, which I have never done on a date, and actually talked a guy out of while we were on a date. Sometimes I wonder however, how many first dates do guys go on where they take a girl to do this, because right off the bat I can think of six dates I have gone on that consisted of these activities at least in partial form. Considering the fact that I really haven't gone on that many dates in my lifetime, that is saying something.
In my last ward in the dating class the teacher said competitive dates such as mini golf are a bad idea for first dates, because when people get competitive they aren't at their best, case in point... me. I admit, I have learned to tame the beast for a date, but this past summer my date decided to inform me, after I told him I get competitive and get worse when I'm not doing well because it upsets me, that he wished he had asked someone else because I was making us lose. That was the opposite of enjoyable. Although not all of my mini golf dates have been unenjoyable, I have decided to list a few options for the male population when it comes to dating. Now, a majority of the males that read this are married, but pass it on to your single friends please.
1. Ice Skating: all I have to say is, built in hand hold.
2. Go to even if you don't live in Utah, it gives you tons of ideas and you can typically find ways to engage in similar activities wherever you live. (You're welcome Trent.)
3. Bonfires, for a first small group date, way fun. Bring starburst.
4. Art shows: I love art, let me go look at it, thank you.
5. Make something delicious together: pizza, caramel apples, sandwiches, something!
6. Picnics: just make sure the weather and spot are pleasant.
7. Concerts: maybe not ideal for a first date, but I love, love, love music. And you can do an outdoor venue with someone less well known and still chat while you listen to the music.
8. Comedy clubs are always enjoyable. They may be less readily available and more expensive outside of Provo, but still, a girl loves a guy that can make her laugh.
Now please, get out there, and golf a little less.


Bukran said…
My in-laws still make fun of me when I got a little too competitive playing Mario Party embarrassing.
Docface/Wilbur said…
I have bad memories or an ice skating date. It is hard to look lovely dragging yourself up off of the ice.
trb48 said…
How much of this is a protest against males? It seems to me that you just laid out a guide to asking you out.
Lil Renny said…
Todd, you are very wise.

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