C is for Cookie, Thats Good Enough for Me

La Dolcezza tagged me, and I have to say, I feel honored, I've never been tagged before. So, I hope the people I tag feel the same way... Shushi, you are tagged. K-Lowe, consider yourself tagged. Chelmo, thou art tagged. If you have not been tagged, don't feel bad, I still love you, but La Dolcezza only tagged three people and I can only copy what she did, as I don't know how these tagging situations work...

I am- watching CSI: Miami

I think - I might buy myself a Love Sac for my birthday

I want - to write a hit song, and go to Mexico with Switz for Thanksgiving

I have - a sweet potato I plan on eating this weekend

I wish - I could grant everyone else's happy wishes

I hate - when people are fake.

I miss - cuddling

I fear - dolphins (hahaha, not really)

I feel - like going swimming

I hear - people sitting outside my apartment talking

I smell - the cool night air

I search - for a quality guitar

I wonder - when is the right time to tell someone you love them

I regret - when I let my fear stop me from doing things

I love - when my hair looks good in a pony tail

I care - about you

I always - leave my bed unmade in the morning

I am not - hungry right now

I believe - the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside.

I dance - in the car and outside whenever it rains

I sing - every chance I get, except one on one when people ask me to cause that's just awkward

I don't always - make the smartest choice

I write - songs to sort out my feelings

I win - swimming races and debates

I lose - things that I always put in a "safe place"

I never - run with people

I listen - to Anberlin and other quality music

I can usually be found - working

I'm scared - of Tom Cruise

I read - mes écritures, blogs, US Census Bureau stats, select articles on my Google reader, and right now The Outside World, by Tova Mirvis

I'm happy about - the fact that I'm going to the x96 show tomorrow.

Thank you.


La Dolcezza said…
Hooray!!! It's a fun list right? Careful with those lovesacs. They are soooo fun to have and soooo not fun to move. Plus, there's never really a good place to put them. They are HUGE!

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