What Good Does Us Reason, if We Fail to See?

This post won't be long, because I want my link to speak for itself. I did want to say before I get into anything else that it rained on me this morning as I was walking to the RB to play volleyball, and it was absolutely fabulous, except I didn't wrap my ankles, and now they hurt.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I watched some of the Democratic Convention last week and I listened to Barack Obama's speech. I liked a lot of what he had to say. Saying something however, and actually doing it, are two very different things.
That's why I'm voting for Bob Barr for president. The beauty of America is that although my candidate may not win, I have the right to voice my opinion, that I think real change would come from someone else (read not Democrat or Republican) in office. I'm a libertarian anyway, I believe in little government. (Alicia, read: baby government). So I just wanted to say that. I'm voting for Bob Barr because I love America. So you can read about him at the link on his name, just want to give you more options for November.
PS He was also on Glenn Beck last week, and even though I can't stand Glenn Beck, you can probably find a link online to watch that interview. He was also on The Colbert Report a few months ago. I'm not sure if you'd still be able to find that interview... but if you did, you would love it.


Chelsea said…
Glen Beck used to be Paul's home-teaching companion.

OK, not really. But he sure looked like him.
Renny said…
Maybe it really was him and he just went by a different name then...
Bukran said…
I'd probably be voting Libertarian too if I were living in Utah at the moment given their platform is a better reflection of my political ideology than the GOP's.

But since I'm living in a swing state (finally!) I've decided to be a pragmatist and tow the Republican line with the hope that this state can turn red and elect the more conservative of the two candidates. The left accuses McCain of being Bush II (technically he'd be Bush III). Obama would be Carter II.

Kudos for your vote for Bob Barr!

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