Look Children to the Eastern Sky

The best way to describe my week would probably be "intense." I can't remember the last time I was this exhausted. So I wanted to show you a little video I made that was part of the reason of my exhaustion.
Yesterday was United Way's Day of Caring. Everyone at my work was in charge of a project at one of our agencies. Several different groups in the community gave four hours in the morning to volunteer to improve the agency in some way. I was in charge of the Family Support and Treatment Center, BYU came and gave them a beautiful new sign, as well as cleaned toys and rooms, painted their shed, cleaned their parking lot, cleaned bathrooms and windows, and basically made the place beautiful. It was a lot of fun actually, but I am so glad its over.
Part of my job was to take pictures to document this event. So of course I made a video with them. The music is Anberlin.
I would also like to say that in the video at the end I had already been up for three hours, don't judge.


trentathon said…
Hey Renny
It is Friday evening and I am in the library right now "studying." What I had to do is give you props for liking a good band: Anberlin. Take this song for instance: Uncanny. It has really grown on me. Don't ask me why every time I type Youtube into my Firefox browser it redirects me to France's Youtube. I might have a destructive and malignant cookie that I should delete pronto. I'm really glad you've had a good week.
Docface/Wilbur said…
You look beautiful in the video. I am not biased.
Love, Mom
Chelsea said…
I am not sure why I removed the post. It was only one line anyway; about how it gave me blog fodder but I wasn't going to talk about it b/c it was fake blog fodder. It was funny. In the dream I created a post about this experience I had. I mean, I imagined writing about it on my blog, but then I woke up and it was all a dream and it was a funny sort of feeling. It was early in the morning, when it still made sense to me.
Lauren said…
The guy in the last picture is Scott Smith, my brother-in-law.

PS Totally awesome video, and I concur with your mother.
Chelsea said…
why did you remove your anberlin post?
Docface/Wilbur said…

I read Bob Barr's platform. While I agree with most of his items, I disagree with his war and foreign policy. I also disagree about who should or shouldn't make law on what constitutes a marriage. My biggest fear is that voting for the guy who has such a small chance of winning would be like voting for Obama. That could give him the edge he needs in AZ if people jump off the McCain wagon and move to Barr.
Lauren said…
Um... maybe he was in your ward your freshman year. He lived in DT the same year that you did. But yeah, he goes here now. His freshman year he dated a girl named Darci. I think that's it... I don't think that he's taken any history classes, especially cause he just barely got back from his mission.. well I guess like almost a year ago, but he just came back to BYU.

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