There's a Story at the Bottom of This Bottle and I'm the Pen

I wasn't really planning on blogging until I could perfect my response to Trent's post about Barack, but today I really missed my blog, and I feel like I need to think, so maybe this post will never make it to the world wide web, but if it does, I'm leaving it unedited, so sorry for the stream of consciousness. Trent, I promise, my politics post is coming.
My life is good right now, I have good roommates, I live in a good place, I'm in a good ward, I have a good family, tonight I went to the gym, I'll admit I haven't been in awhile, and it was awesome. Now I'm listening to this CD Nate gave me, and you all know how I feel about new good music, and Nate's ability to cram 32 albums on one CD astounds me, so my life right now is pretty much awesome.
I don't have any important or deep thoughts right now, I just am sort of overwhelmed right now with how good my life is. Sometimes I'm pretty awful at focusing on the good, and then I sort of get into this cycle of being mad at myself for not being positive, and, well ,you know, on it goes.
I went to a financial stability summit on Friday in Salt Lake, the governor of Utah spoke, and I really liked his speech. The entire summit was informative and it got me thinking about a lot of things. I also finished writing my personal statement, my law school applications are coming together and will soon be sent. Yesterday I was looking online at a few of the international programs at some of the schools I'm applying to, and I want to go to law school so bad. I want to be there right now, but then at the same time, my life right now is awesome.
Its sort of interesting how I ran from Provo in desperation, but was too afraid to really do and go where I actually wanted to. Now I'm back, and sometimes it seems like things in my life are righting themselves. The mess is cleaning itself up, and I'm starting to recognize some of the things my life experiences have taught me thus far.
Agency is awesome. We are blessed with the power to make choices in our lives, we are blessed to know that about 99% of the time, when we make wrong choices, we can turn around and start making right ones that bring us to repentance and happiness.
I've recently been thinking about a conversation I had with someone a couple months ago about a mutual friend, whom apparently is no longer his friend. He spent the entire conversation trying to convince me that this friend of mine was not worth my friendship, and that he was an awful person who deserved no goodness in life because of the awful things he's done. I guess it was interesting to me because I said that I didn't care what he said, he didn't know him like I know him, if he did, every time he saw him, he would be blown away by how incredible this person is. I got to thinking about a few people in my life that I've been less than forgiving to, that I haven't treated like I would treat this friend, who despite any shortcomings, I'd do anything for in an instant without even a second thought. I wondered what it was that made me think I was so above recognizing the awesomeness in all people, and not just the few. So that has been my project recently, to recognize the awesomeness in everyone.
I don't think I'll post this tonight, because I don't really know what I was trying to say, and All Time Low is singing me to sleep. Or maybe I will, I went to bed late last night. We were at omelet night until 12:30, and then of course when Nate dropped me off we had to listen to a song or two. Suffice it to say, I'm running on little consciousness right now, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you posted this. I found it beautiful.
Renny said…
Why thank you anonymous.

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