I Find it Difficult to Relax in the Summertime

I am so excited for the Fall, or as I like to refer to this blessed season l'automne. Automne has always been my most favorite time of the year, for several reasons. First of all it is the home of the best month ever, aka October. It also brings great pumpkin festivities. Automne weather is also amazing; cool, crisp air, wonderful colors, basically my entire wardrobe is perfect for automne.
This summer has been sort of a bummer. I pretty much failed at making any lasting friendships in the ward I am currently in. Summer term has been fairly lonesome sans roommates, and I am just starting to get used to and enjoy my job. When fall comes I'll be moving back into the good old 51st ward. At first I was slightly hesitant about this, but it really felt like the right thing to do. I had some of the best times of my life in that ward, and its all completely different now anyway, so although I know it'll still be really great, it'll be wonderfully new in so many ways. This time I'll be living in Presidio, so I'll be one of the hot Presidio girls that all of the guys want to date, which will be nice, since I haven't had a date since February... Plus, my landlords (or is it landpersons?) are awesome, which really makes such a difference when it comes to living situations. I'll have roommates again, and all of this will be in automne, the best season ever.
Bishop Hardy, who was the bishop the last time I was in the ward, is overseeing the construction taking place at my work. Yesterday he came in to talked to my boss and he saw me. When he had a moment he came over to say hi. Although he isn't the bishop any more just talking to him got me all excited for this good change that is going to happen in my life.
So bring on automne baby, I'm ready for its happiness.


Bukran said…
Crossing the street over to The Presidio, eh? Is anyone from the old ward besides Doug Kennard still there?

You're from Arizona: it's logical you don't like summertime.
Docface/Wilbur said…
i wuff summertime =3 theres no school xD lol
but fall is awesome, especially october!
Chelsea said…
That's funny because I have lately been thinking thoughts that are somewhere along the lines of completely opposite. I dread the end of summer.

There are still a few familiar faces around these parts, to answer Buk's question. Besides DK, I mean.
La Dolcezza said…
October is the best month!!!

Although, I have to admit, my summer has been great and I want it to slow down and not end. I will be sad when it does. But happy for you.
trentathon said…
I forgot to comment on this post. You are funny Renny. My summer has not been the greatest either, but it has been decent. Maybe I can end your dating drought when I come to Utah ...
Renny said…
Bukran, I never said I didn't like summer at all. I just like fall better.
Mad Eye, I agree.
Chelm, I predict automne will be awesome for you.
La Dolcezza, lets have an October party. It will last 31 days.
Trenta- I shall take you up on that offer.

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