I Feel that Ice is Slowly Melting

Okay, life update:

Spring Break!
  •  My spring break was in early March. I went down to Leominster, MA that Wednesday through Saturday and I:

    • went to the Louisa May Alcott house in Concord where I learned:
      • that Louisa's father believed in implementing things in school like recess, and music, and the arts. You know, all those things they're trying to take out now? He was instrumental in getting them put in in the first place.
      • I found out that Louisa's younger sister taught someone very important how to sculpt...
    • I saw Ralph Waldo Emerson's house
    • I went to Hanscom Airforce Base
    • I watched a lot of Cake Boss
    • I ate lunch on Saturday at California Pizza Kitchen.
      • I got a California Club on honey whole wheat and it was delicious 
      • the sun was shining outside and I felt like all was right with the world
    • I went to the Museum of Fine Art
      • there was all manner of amazing art there. We were there for several hours and there was no possible way I could have seen everything there.
      • I love Museums. I love art. I love giant baby heads. (There are two outside the MFA. It was hilarious.)

     Washington D.C.:
    • I went to our nation's capital for the first time ever. It was AMAZING! It was sunny and clean and beautiful and amazing. That is all I can say.

    • I went to the State Department for a briefing from some environmental guy (since I was with a bunch of people from my law school. Which, by the way, was just rated #1 in Environmental Law for the third year in a row.  )
    • I walked along the National Mall and saw:

      • The Lincoln Memorial (remember that important sculpting student of May Alcott's? He made this.)
      • The Vietnam War Memorial and the WWII memorial.

      • The Washington Monument.
      • Then I asked Barack to cook me dinner.
      • I saw beautiful cherry blossoms.
      • I went to the Washington D.C. temple (which is in Maryland, go figure.) and ran into a guy from my Freshman year at BYU and asked total strangers to drive me to BWI for my flight back to Vermont. Which they did. I love that about my church.

      Brian Regan:
      • If you've never heard of Brian Regan I am sad for you. Don't worry. Here are some videos of him. Watch and laugh. Then laugh some more. He is so funny. I went down to Boston last Thursday with Kathy and her boyfriend (because being a third wheel is my favorite!) to go to one of his sold out shows at the Wilbur Theatre.

      • General Conference:
        • This past weekend was the General Conference for my church. It was awesome. It always is. You can view it here.
        • On Saturday night I had a girls night with Kathy and Regan. It was grand. We ate pizza and delicious cookies and I introduced them to Summer Magic.
      In conclusion, I wish the temperatures would warm up. I wish I had more time in the day so I wouldn't be stressing about school. I wish I could win the lottery.

      But in the end, my life is GRAND :)


      William said…
      Girls night was fun. I'm glad I finally got to join in. You've had a busy month!!! And even though it's snowing outside right now, warmer temperature are in our future. Be excited. :-)
      Regan said…
      And obviously that wasn't William that posted. It was me. He has an inability to sign out of his account on my computer. :-)
      Docface said…
      You have had a busy month! I didn't know Kathy had a boyfriend. Who is it? I feel like I know her even though I don't.

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