Christmas Card

I found out I have had three people from Poland look at my blog. Please come back! Unless you are the people who have been spamming me. Then go away.

I just took this picture for our family Christmas card. Everyone has to hold a letter of our last name in the picture. I am 'N.' Hence the letter. Anyway, here is a brief Christmas letter update on my life. In case my blog in general was insufficient for you to know.

Lets do a one thing a month thing okay?

January: I found myself back in Vermont ready to start my last semester of law school. I lived in a little apartment right across the street from the school. It was ideal, except there was no counter space.

February: I believe it was February when I was finally able to get to Middlebury Vermont and visit my friend Kathy and take a tour of Middlebury. I liked Middlebury. Go visit. I also like Kathy. I won't invite you to her house though, because that is rude.

March: I spent my spring break in Utah visiting my sister Alicia. I threw her a bridal shower and studied for the MPRE, which I then took the Saturday before I left at BYU. I also got to see lots of lovely people that I haven't had the chance to see since then.

April: I finished up all of my law classes and flew home to see my sister Alicia get married. It was great to spend a weekend at home with my family, especially for such a happy occasion. My sister's freshman year roommate Jenessa came and I hadn't seen her in a few years so that was nice. Also, my cousin Tara came to be the photographer and I finally got to meet her husband and her adorable son!

May: I graduated!! Wahoo! My parents and little brother came for my graduation and we saw lots of Vermont-y things and bought maple syrup and hung out with the Lyddys in Vermont and MA. I also said good-bye to Vermont and moved back to Arizona. Also, I almost got caught in a tornado in Oklahoma City,  which was one of the most terrifying experiences of my entire life.

June: I studied for the bar and only cried about it sometimes. Plus I showered almost every day!

July: I took the bar and only cried about it a little bit. When I was done. In my car. On the second day. Then I went to California for my Aunt Sandi's funeral. Although the reason for going there was not a happy one, it was nice to see family, especially my grandma, whom I hadn't seen since... well, April. I love my grandma yo. I like to see her.

August: There was my Grandma Reynolds's funeral, which brought more family time, including my Aunt Ellen and my cousins whom I hadn't seen for awhile since they live in not Arizona. Lets see, I started doing mission paper stuff.

September: More mission stuff. It took me a long time guys. Sorry.

October: I found out I passed the Arizona bar exam. I cried. Deal with it. Plus it was my birthday and I turned 27. Also I started working at Arroyo Elementary School. Then I got my mission call to Lyon France. Man October, you are such a great month.

November: I enjoyed a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home with the family. I also saw "Junie B. Jones Jingle Bells Batman Smells, and So Does May." It was cute.

December: Well there have only been 12 days in December. I went to Glendale Glitters. It was kind of lame. I went to Desert Ridge so my nieces and nephew could play in the snow and meet Clifford. That was also a little bit lame... but I am going to the midnight showing of The Hobbit tomorrow, so there is that. Plus my sister and brother- in- law will be here next week. NO WORK UNTIL JANUARY! Hazzah!!

That is my year in a nutshell. It was a great year. Some sad times, lots of happy times. All in all I'm pleased with 2012. So... bring it Mayans!


I made the yearly update!! Yay! It was SO good to see you and i"m SO excited for you to go to France. When do you report??
Lindsey Hubble said…
So happy for you, Linds! Such an exciting year! Congrats on graduating, passing the AZ bar exam, surviving Vermont's cold winter...and surviving the storm in OKC :) what are the odds. love you!
Thanks guys!

Janessa I report February 20 :)

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