Salut! Ca va?

Don't you miss my Chanson de semaine?

Of course not. I'm the only person that ever paid any attention to the new song every week.

Well, I miss it. Due to licensing restrictions doesn't work over here.

So here is a link to Tonight I Have to Leave It by the Shout Out Louds. I'm pretty sure the Shout Out Louds are on my list of favorite music to listen to whilst walking about France.

Speaking of France... do you want to stand on top of L'Arc de Triomph with me? Or take a boatride on the Seine?

Well okay, I took these videos for YOU dear reader. So it is like you are in France here with me!(The internet isn't working very well right now, I promise, these videos are coming soon!!)

Liam is loving France too. He loved our boat ride with our lovely tour guide, who I think said his name was Frank... I can't remember now.

In other news, it is OCTOBER! Hooray for being the best month ever! It is still unnaturally warm here. According to the Pharmacie outside of 3 Fontaines it was 30 degrees today at 6 PM. I don't know if I believe it was THAT warm (86 degrees Fahrenheit), but maybe it was. Also, there is no hot water in my residence currently... so I am looking forward to cold showers for the next while until that gets fixed.... :-/

Finally, this past weekend was General Conference for my church. I highly recommend watching it. I watched it in French and English.You can watch it in other languages too. I loved all of the talks, but I think my favorite was Tad R. Callister's talk from Sunday morning. Also Sister Elaine S. Dalton told men how to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted daughters. I loved it and if you have a daughter you should watch it. It made me miss my daddy. (I totally just wrote daddy. Oh well. It's legit.)

My French is getting better little by little. That makes me happy. I'm enjoying my law classes, even contracts law, which was the bane of my existence during my 1L year.

Well I'd better go do my French homework. I leave you with a phrase to use on someone you love: je t'aime, je t'adore, que voulez-vous le plus encore?

That ought to make your petit(e) chou melt all over the place.


alirara said…
It made me miss Daddy too.
Regan said…
I call my dad daddy all the time - Casey makes fun of me. And your pictures are beautiful. And I'm jealous. I'm glad you are enjoying your classes. And Sister Dalton's talk was my fave, too. That's all. :-)

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