En Octobre, et mon anniversaire

I know we're supposed to hate BP, since they blew up the Gulf Coast last year.

All those poor little animals that had to swim in oil :(

But, I've been desperately searching for pumpkin-y goodness here in France and not finding any. Apparently they don't have a taste for it. It's almost my birthday, and if the past six years tell you anything (pumpkin party anyone?) pumpkin is a necessary part of my birthday/the month of October/life.

Today, at BP, I found this:

cream of pumpkin soup

Now it feels like fall, and now, in a few weeks, I can turn 26. Merci BP. You really screwed up cleaning up the Gulf Coast, but you've made my October complete.


Brian & Kyla said…
Ha ha!I'm glad you found something pumpkin.
Anonymous said…
Hurray! I am so glad! Love, Mom
Ruth said…
lol. So glad you found some pumpkin!

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