Happy Birthday Mom

My mom's birthday tribute is a day late because my older brother Aaron got married yesterday.

So how do you blog about your mother? She carried you around for nine months while you made her sick and ate all her food, then she went through the worst pain in the world to bring you into this world, and then lives her life knowing at any moment you could be terribly maimed or die. Even after all the torture you put her through for nine months she actually cares about what happens to you, and spends the rest of your life trying to make sure you're fed, clothed, educated, healthy, happy, clean, and righteous.

Mothers are insane. How do they do it? Let me get more to the point and say how does MY mother do it, because not only is she a typical mother, she is the most awesome mother.

So what do you say. My mom has taught me about serving people, because she is always doing it, so freely and easily. She has taught me how to express love, because she gives hugs and kisses and tells us she loves us. I'm not very good at that for some reason, but the reason I can do it at all is because of her.

She read the scriptures with me growing up, and taught me how to pray and how to give Family Home Evening lessons and make chocolate chip cookies. I don't like any one elses's spaghetti either, only my mom's. She supported me in things I did in high school, theatre, choir, band (yeah I was a geek and a loser, that's why I didn't have any friends). She always told me I was smart and wanted me to sing and play the piano for her.

When I was at  BYU and wanted to go to Hawaii she said she'd help me do it.

I wouldn't be anywhere without my mom. I wouldn't be anything without my mom. She is the most awesome ever. I'm glad she was born.


Amanda said…
Yay for Aaron getting married!

And, happy birthday, mom. :o)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Sweetie!
Ruth said…
ah...I had to log in to see what you said about the momma. It didn't disappoint. <3

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