On Juice Boxes

Juice boxes are pretty awesome. They are one of my favorite things.

There is a comfort in juice boxes that other drinks do not bring.

When life is stressful and hard and you'd like to crawl into a hole, or turn back time until you're five again, drink a juice box, you'll feel better.

It has a bendy straw.

What could be better?

I'd like a giant juice box for my birthday. Juicy Juice, Strawberry Kiwi flavor please, if you don't mind, or maybe these will do.


EDie said…
I need to go buy some juice boxes now.
Lindsey Hubble said…
juicy juice!!!!!!!! hahaha. love and miss you, Linds!!!!
Laura said…
Too fun. And too true. Juice boxes really are just one of those life comforts.
dances alone said…
i love it. its the sound they make when you bounce them on the table that I love. truly one of life's blessings
Drake Sigar said…
So true, I get cranky without my morning juice.
OHmommy said…

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