Tisbury Lane

Here I sit, in Provo once again. The air here is chilly.

Just over a week ago, was that really just last Tuesday? Weddings make life seem longer, in a good way. I was in Provo, and outside with Nate on a warm summer evening. Last night I was outside with Shena and the air was cool, with a chilly crispness that spoke of fall. It made me a little sad, but also excited at the same time.

I don't know that I'm ready for summer to be over. I'm ready for school to start, I feel good about it. I'm not even really worried about the drive back, which starts tomorrow. I just don't want to leave the west. Why doesn't Vermont just come here? Then I could stay out here, where I love it, and feel at home. West is the best.

This summer has really been most excellent, my summer of fun and happiness. It was a success :)

In closing, I spent time this summer drawing pictures for Jackie. This guy was a recurring character.

His name is Andrew. He is a dancing muffin. Today he is blueberry.

I also learned that everything I put on the internet is copyrighted. Andrew is copyrighted. My Facebook stati are copyrighted. Everything. So if you steal it, I'll sue you. I can do that. I'm a lawyer (someday.)


ED said…
That is an awesome muffin.
dances alone said…
yeah for vermont! not really but I'm trying to be positive. and i love the muffin!
Brian & Kyla said…
Thanks for squeezing us into your summer!

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