I Wonder oh I Wonder, How Long It'd Take Me to Die

Yesterday I made all of these grand plans for this week. I even made a list for my productivity so I would make sure not to forget a single thing that needed to be done. I envisioned myself, bright eyed and bushy-tailed (although really, that image just makes me think I'd wake up with Hermione hair. Not impossible since I'm back in VT and it took some wrangling yesterday to keep my head from looking like a mushroom) ready and raring to go, so by the time the end of the week came, I'd be so ready for school to start, I'd be in the zone.

Part of my plans included updating this blog with some final photos from my summer.

My body awoke of its own accord at 6 AM, which was when I began to consider the very serious and real possibility that I might die today.

After two hours I mustered enough energy to take drugs and crawl back into bed. At 10 I decided to watch some hulu. Then my computer decided it hated me (school laptop.) Then the internet did too.

Its finally working right now, but its almost 2 PM, and I haven't even showered yet.

Being sick is always such an inconvenience.


Dayna said…
Are you sick? I telephoned with you today, and you didn't even tell me. I hope you get well very soon, and I like you a lot.
Brian & Kyla said…
Hope you feel better soon!
dances alone said…
see, bushy tailed always makes me envision a bunny. and i can't even imagine what would happen to turn you into a bunny, but i hope it doesnt, though i do think you'd be cute. are you feeling better now?

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