College Baking: Part 2 in a Series of Parts

Remember how I made those banana cookies and blogged about it and asked how people felt about my blogging about my baking adventures? Well most people didn't respond to whether or not they would like my blogging about that, except Ande. Fortunately, having Ande's approval is all I need, so, here is another adventure.

Let me first give you a history lesson. For most of my life, I have hated avocados. Like many foods I don't like, I had never actually tried avocado, it just looked gross. Then, in April, I was having a bad day. Like, a supremely awful supremely horribly awfully bad day. Like move to Australia with Alexander bad. Times one billion.

My friend Tyler was there for me, he took me out to lunch to this Chilean restaurant so we could talk and I could be a completely lame lunch companion because I actually had no desire to speak, or act like a human. He bought me a sandwich that had avocado on it. Since he was doing me this grand favor of buying me food, which I knew I wouldn't be able to eat since I was too upset, and taking me out to lunch when it would be no fun for him, I did not pick the avocado off, and forced myself to eat some to show my sincere gratitude.

I didn't notice it at the time because I was too miserable, but later I realized that I actually like avocado. A lot. In fact, I found it quite delicious.

So today I went grocery shopping and there was a sale on avocados so I bought some. Then I came home and made myself a sandwich for dinner and decided I would try to make some guacamole, but I did not realize that most guacamole recipes call for tomatoes, which I do not have. So, I decided to make my own dip with the leftover avocado so it wouldn't get all gross and brown, and I am sitting here reveling in its deliciousness as we speak, or, as I type.

No measurements... sorry...

1 avocado, partially sliced
cream cheese, I had about 1/4 of a block left
lemon juice
some cilantro leaves
salt and pepper

beat with beaters.

Eat and enjoy. (I'm dipping pretzels in mine, but I'm sure other things would work.)


Tyler said…
Makes me want to eat a churrasco palta right now. mmmm...I love avocados.

And thanks. I feel honored to make it on your blog :)
alirara said…
did you change your background so that your blog is unreadable without highlighting or is the computer I'm using dumb? Or both? Anyways that's cool pretty sure though you don't have to have tomato in gauc. But welcome to the side of delicious food that looks gross but actually isn't. Take Tahitian Poi for example it looks gross but it's soooo good!
Renny said…
Did you open it in Firefox? Cause it has been not letting the background show up lately.
Check it out in Google chrome, that should be better.
I have always loved Tahitian Poi. An anomaly in my food life.
dances alone said…
Lindsey i'm so glad you've come to love the avacado! It's one of my favorites. You should try a toasted bagel with cream cheese, avacado slices, and garlic salt. oh and pepper. Kara showed us that and we have loved it forever. Though your dip sounds similar and could just be added to bagel. oh and I miss you.
Ande Payne said…
Like Tyler, I feel honored to make your blog...even if I am commenting 13 days later. And yes, I still love the recipe idea. Also I put lime instead of lemon juice in my good. Cream cheese is a great idea (seriously how are you such a genius)! Can't wait to try it. Hm. (That is a noise similar to "yum" but more heartfelt. More soulful.) You and your blog make me oh so happy

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