Late Night Musings: On Love

   I have been married a grand total of 7 and a half months. Now that I am obviously an expert on the subject I thought I would share some of my late night musings with you. 

It is amazing to me all of the random little things I will realize that I love about my husband. For example, the other night after he got out of the shower he was shaving and I was watching him shave and thinking about how I love that he has facial hair.

I don't mean in a purely physical, I am attracted to guys with facial hair kind of way, although I always have been a fan of the five o clock shadow, and my husband does look good with it.

We just moved and our house is a mess and things are everywhere and he hadn't shaved in a week and a half because he couldn't find his razors. That facial hair was life happening. He couldn't shave easily because we were moving into a new house. Our home, that we are spending the rest of our lives in (because I seriously never want to go through the moving process again). All that time we had spent packing up part of our old house to make it look "model ready," that night we stayed up past midnight just to steam clean the tile floors so that someone else could come look at it and think it is beautiful and buy it. Then we packed more, and cleaned more and moved more things into storage. We made an offer on a house and packed more and cleaned more so our appraisal would be what we wanted it to be. We had disagreements and I cried, because that's what I do. We moved out and stayed at my brother and sister in law's house for a week before we could move into our new house. Now there are boxes everywhere and a swimming pool in the backyard that we are trying to figure out how to keep in good condition. There is a garden that has tomatoes growing in it and we're trying to learn to be gardeners. I don't know where I want to hang all the pictures yet, and we haven't decided what furniture to put in the room with the fireplace. There is a tree fort in the backyard that will likely kill someone someday, but it is cool that we have it.

So, my husband hadn't had time to shave because we were living our life and moving forward. We are moving into this house in a nice area with good schools and more bedrooms because we want to have kids and we need somewhere to put them. It is closer to my parents for free future baby-sitting, and closer to my work and further away from my husband's work but he moved there for me because he loves me.

He had facial hair, facial hair that looks good on him anyway, but facial hair signifying that there is something else happening in our life together that is enriching us, helping us move forward, strengthening our relationship, and preparing us for new and exciting things to come.

And I love it.


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