Pretzel Time

I have a confession guys. When I first joined Pinterest I was rarely on the site. I was busy, didn't have time for more social networking, I never thought about it, etc.

Ever since I started my job I've becoming a Pinterest maniac. Our kids have computer lab every day. They have to work on SuccessMaker, a program designed to improve their reading and math scores on the ultimate indicator of whether one will be successful in life: standardized tests.

Because working with kids to make them successful by helping them with concepts they have not yet mastered is taboo, we are not allowed to help them while they work on said program. Therefore, we have a lot of time to sit in the lab, and be on Pinterest. I often start pinning things involving my current food craving.

All of this pinning led to me making pretzels today. They were delicious friends. Also, not hard to make.

I followed the recipe exactly. No substituting ingredients, no experimenting with ratios or trying to make them gluten free, safe for diabetics, or healthier for myself. I just followed a recipe that was developed from someone ELSE'S trial and error and enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

So, feeling the need for some pretzels? Use this recipe, you will not regret it.


Madalynn said…
Mmmm, tasty!

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