To Do List

I love making lists. I love putting little check marks next to things as I get them done. I love that feeling at the end of the day when I know I have accomplished items on my daily list.

Today, I have quite a long list of things I need to get done and have had to pack it all in. I have an early morning flight on Friday to head to Arizona. My sister is getting married on Saturday (what? Totally awesome I know.) I need to get all this stuff done in a timely manner because my plan is to take a sleeping pill and go to bed at 6 PM so I can wake up at 2 AM for my drive down to Manchester.

Would you like to help me check everything off my list?

1. Print off boarding pass - check
2. Pack suitcases - check
3. Attend institute - check
4. Leave primary attendance sheets and assignments with Sister Schuck - check
5. Take out the trash and recycling- check
6. Do the dishes- check
7. Vacuum- check
8. Load my suitcases into the trunk of my car - check
9. Work out- check
10. Shower- check
11. Eat Dinner- check
12. Finish Law School- check

Yep. I'm ready to go to Arizona tomorrow :)


Yay for finishing law school!!!!! SO excited to see you in 3 weeks! :-)
Megkran said…
Wow! Holy cow, you are so cool! I'm so proud of you, Renny.
Brian & Kyla said…
Congrats on finishing law school!!!!!!!! What a huge accomplishment. Where is life taking you now? Through Oklahoma I hope :)
tbone said…
Congrats!! It's finally over! :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on leaving the Primary attendance sheets and assignments with Sis. Shuck! Also, I love having you at home and can't wait to see you walk in your Law School Graduation. You are wonderful! Love Mom
alirara said…
Maybe you should have added pack temple recommend bahaha

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