Quand Tu Arrives a Paris

Tu ne veux pas partir.(I heard Benton Paul sing that whole song in French. Go me.)

Guys, let me tell you something about me. I am a walking nervous wreck. The whole time I was flying to Paris I was having a nervous breakdown in my mind.

Now, this is just who I am. Starting sometime towards the end of July I started having moments where I thought, "what am I doing?? I don't want to leave the country all by myself!! That is SCARY!" Now granted, I think many of my fears are legitimate. However, I probably would have been perfectly willing to say, "you know what? Never mind, I'll just spend my last year in VT." Comfortable. Less stressful (except that whole Irene thing). A dream I've had for years never fulfilled.

Well who wants to live like that? Not me. So I'd get mad at myself and tell myself I was being ridiculous. However, I finally decided to accept the fact that I was just going to freak out until I got to France and everything turned out fine. I'm here, and still mildly freaked out because I have to journey to the school tomorrow, and it's kind of far away. And I kind of have two suitcases. I really don't know what I was thinking. I don't care how long you're going on a study abroad, only bring one suitcase. A small one. Just listen to me, it is better that way. I am so dumb. Anyway, it'll be fine, and once I'm in Cergy I won't have to worry about it until Dec. I'll probably take the bus in Dec. because I think I can take just one from Cergy to CDG.

Anyway. I have met some very nice and helpful people here in Paris. All men. Three of them significantly older than me. One of them asked me if I had a boyfriend. Girls, remember, the answer to that question is always yes. No matter what. I've decided I'm not lying when I say that, I'm just planning for the future. Anyway, it didn't really work on him because he told me I could get a French boyfriend. Then he told me he wanted to take me to get a drink later. Too bad I don't drink. Plus you look like you're in your 40s. I'm not even in my 30s yet. Sorry home skillet. Good thing he was going a different direction from me.

Then a man helped me up the stairs at the last station. There is an escalator but it was closed off, go figure. Then a man helped me find my hotel. He offered to take me to Cergy tomorrow.At first I thought he meant he'd drive me. Internal conflict ensued because I was exhausted and just getting in a car and getting dropped off at Cergy's front door sounded amazing to me. Then my wiser side shouted, "no you moron. That isn't happening. I don't care how tired you are." However, he just meant he'd get me to the train station. I might let him help me. I haven't decided. He could have robbed me today and he didn't. He could still rob me tomorrow. But I have two suitcases. I can't convey to you how dumb that is. Did I learn nothing from my stint in NYC? Apparently not. Why did I think I needed all these clothes? It's just 4 months. I can wear the same three outfits over and over. I'm crazy!

Anyway, I did get to my hotel safely and now I am exhausted. I'm going to take a nap, bad idea though it may be. Then maybe shower and walk around Paris for a bit.

I can't form coherent sentences anymore. Night.


Brian & Kyla said…
Glad you made it safely. And for the record, I'd totally be flipping out too :)
Regan said…
Yay for Paris!!!! So jealous. And I'm kind of freaking out with you, so I get it. :-)
Anonymous said…
You forgot to mention about the hotel clerk who wants to be your roommate. Love you, mom
Mim said…
Ha ha ha! and here I was thinking all the creepy men who wanted to take american students out were in Africa! Good plan with the BF and good luck!

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