Parle Doucement s'Il vous Plait!

I find myself saying that a lot here. It means speak slowly please.

Cergy sits near the river Oise. The Port is lovely, there are little bunny rabbits that run all around.

I would like to take a minute to say that socialism totally sucks. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA NEXT YEAR. If America turns into France I will kill myself. Only YOU can prevent my suicide. I almost had a nervous breakdown in the International Relations Office at the school today.

Things about France I love:
    It is very green in Cergy
    Port du Cergy.(river, rabbits and all)
    nutella. It tastes a million times better here. Just sayin.
    there is a park by my residence

Things about France that I don't love:
       Their socialism, which causes ridiculously high prices. I paid the equivalent of 6 dollars for six apples.      That is a dollar an apple my friend. Ridiculous.
        Their inability to get out of 1998 when it comes to the internet
       the fact that they're socialists
        their weird keyboards
        their socialist ways
        graffiti, so much graffiti everywhere. On every possible thing imagineable.
        the smell of cigarette smoke EVERYWHERE
        oh, and socialism.

It would seem that distaste for France is currently winning. But last night as I lay in bed not sleeping because my stupid body refuses to comprehend that it is not actually daytime at night and nighttime during the day (jet lag is a monster) I smiled to myself because I was laying in an uncomfortable bed in a crappy bare little room with no WiFi hearing my flatmate snoring in her room and thought, I am in FRANCE! Maybe I was laughing at myself because I fought so hard for this ridiculousness? but no, I'm pretty sure I was just really happy that this dream was coming true.

Once I can get WiFi on my laptop at the school I will post some pictures and elaborate on things, don't you fret. But for now, I thought you should know I arrived safe and sound and things are SLOWLY falling into place. Even though most of the time I end up thinking about how America is better. Which I'm certain will make my dad happy when my mom tells him I said that. Don't worry dad, I won't live in France forever.

Your blog comments and prayers are always gratefully welcomed.


alirara said…
I love you Lindsey!
Brian & Kyla said…
Hope it gets better soon!
Anonymous said…
I used to say "parle lentement..." I think doucement means sweetly. Love Mom.
Renny said…
Actually mom you are wrong. It is a colloquialism to say doucement here. Je sais.
Ande Payne said…
You're in France!!! Yay! I loved your lists. You're going to have a great time. But it's ok if sometimes you have a less than awesome attitude from lack of sleep and socialism and what not. Please eat something buttery and flaky for me.
DC said…
And how much did you pay for apples in NYC? Just sayin...
Also, socialism is awesome when it comes to hospital bills :)
Renny said…
Apples in NYC cost around $2 a lb. Just sayin.

Also, you only recoup 70% of the cost of your hospital bills, not 100%, and you still have to make up the difference in the higher prices for everything else because the money has to come from somewhere. And you have to pay for your social security identity, which is where the "health benefits" come from. For something that is free you sure pay a lot of money for it.

Insurance companies in the U.S. surely need to be reigned in. They make a lot of money off of patients, doctors, and hospitals. I just don't think socialism is the solution.

You're right Ande, I AM going to have an awesome time. I had a croissant for breakfast my first day here. It melted right in my mouth :)

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