Bon Anniversaire a Toi!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for an important announcement.

I made a little video as I sat in my jail cell chambre (which by the way has more bugs now than it did before they sprayed for bugs... significantly more [although still not as bad as the earwigs of '09]). You see my niece's birthday is on Monday, which, according to French time is just over an hour away. I'm going to video chat home tomorrow to talk to her, but the video quality is usually bad and the sound is usually off (thanks France.)

So, here is a video of me, singing happy birthday to her. If your name isn't Shyanne, and you aren't turning three on Monday you need not watch.

And yes, those are my clothes hanging in the background. 1 euro gets me 18 minutes on the dryer, which isn't enough...


Madalynn said…
Shyanne was happy.
OHmommy said…
Oh dear... you have such a pretty voice. And the song? It's going to be the new song I sing to my kiddos. I thank you for that.

Happy birthday Shyanne!
Ruth said…
So nice to hear you sing! I bet Shyanne loved it!!

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