The Star Spangled Banner, E're Long May it Wave O'er the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave!

I read a lot of blogs. I read blogs of people that live in Southern California talking about how it's hot. Lies. All lies.

I drove to L.A. on Thursday night for my visa appointment Friday morning. Friday morning I sat outside my hotel and ate my bowl of Honey Nut Tastee O's. It was not hot. At all. In the very slightest.

After my 45 minute appointment that I drove 6 and 1/2 hours for (thanks France), I drove down to Costa Mesa, CA to visit my wonderful friend Sarah Smallcomb. I spent time with her and her fabulous sister Savannah and her lovely parents, I even finally met her brother. All of her family is just lovely. All of them. Right down to their brand new kitten.

First, we went to Lucille's for lunch.

If you are ever in Southern California and have a hankering for some delicious bar-be-cue, I highly recommend Lucille's.

Afterwards we went down to Balboa Island. Have you ever seen Arrested Development? The banana stand is on Balboa Island. So, of course, we got frozen bananas.
 I enjoy the look on Savannah's face in this picture.

There was another stand a couple spots down that claimed that THEY had the original banana stand. Turns out they probably did, since they opened 15 years earlier than Dad's stand. Awkward...

Once we were done walking about Balboa Island eating our frozen bananas we went to the jetties to swim about in the ocean.

 Sarah is so cool.
 Did you know I'm in love with the ocean? Madly, madly in love.
See? Madly. 

It was so wondrous to see Sarah and to be in Orange County where it was not hot at all. Driving back on Saturday made me sad. I wish I could have stayed longer and gone paddling on Saturday evening, although all of the 4th of July-ers probably would have made it difficult...

Speaking of which. Happy Fourth of July y'all! I've spent most of the day swimming, and tonight I'll be fireworking. God bless America. God bless our troops. Let us all be thankful for the freedom to drive to California in the middle of the night and visit with old friends in cool weather on a day when it is 117 in Phoenix.

I love the USA.


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