Like Maybe if I Were a Mom, This Would Be Something I'd Blog

This morning I was awakened by my niece running into the bedroom crying. I asked her what was wrong and told her to use her words, to which her response was more wailing.

I found out the problem was she didn't want to get her hair done. My niece has curly hair and she moves around A LOT in her sleep. This means her hair is a bit tangled in the morning. She hates getting it combed. Her mom once again tried to get her to get her hair done, another forcefully negative response, and my sister- in- law sent her to bed.

Well of course she had to go to church so I went into the bed room and sat down next to her and asked her if she needed to go back to sleep and wake up again and be a "not booger" (when you're talking to a two year old you have to use language like that.)

She nodded, so I told her to close her eyes and start snoring. She did. Then I told my sister Madalynn that Shyanne was asleep and when she woke up she was going to be a not booger. When Shyanne opened her eyes I said, "are you a not booger?" She nodded and smiled and I said, "then can we comb your hair?" To which her response was, "yeah!"

Sometimes, being two is hard, and you just need to go back to sleep and wake up again, even if it is only for a minute.

Today was a special occasion because my sister's-in-law brother got back from his mission on Thursday and was speaking in church today, so Shyanne got to wear pearls. Also, her hair wasn't as big as it looks here, some of that is shadow from my flash...

I defy you to find a niece more adorable than mine. It cannot be done.


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