You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

Dear blog,

I feel like I've been neglecting you. I know it hasn't REALLY been that long since I've blogged, but to me it feels like forever for some reason.

My grandma and aunt came to visit for a few days, it was lovely.

Sometimes when I'm getting dressed for work in the morning, I steal my sister's clothes or shoes.

My two year old niece always wants to wear my makeup, she is so cute.

On Sunday I tried to take a nap and my neck started hurting. Really bad. Unbelievably so. It still hurts. So I've been a zombie at work. Yesterday afternoon I thought I'd get sick from the pain. It was unpleasant, to say the least.

I made cupcakes over the weekend for my sister's-in-law baby shower. Don't let anyone tell you that cupcakes are easier. Lies. When you make 48 cupcakes, you have 48 cupcakes to decorate. When you make one cake, you have one cake to decorate. I'll let you do the math.

 Delicious filling. Whip heavy whipping cream with sugar. Then whip in sliced strawberries. It is so delicious.
 My three year old nephew using the beaters. He is also an excellent strawberry slicer. Using a safety knife he cut two right in half all by himself.
 These are the cute cups we bought. Don't they look baby showerish?
 Fondant. Fun times.
 We made chocolate cupcakes...
 and lemon cupcakes. We filled them all with strawberry cream filling.
 Decorating lesson #1: never assume your mom has the cookie cutters you want her to have. 
Lesson #2: 'G's are hard to make out of fondant.
Also: I realize there needs to be an apostrophe with the "it's" but I ask you, where could I have put it?
 Very cute heart cupcakes
 After I made the moon I wished that I had an edible pen so I could draw a face on it. Alas, I did not have one.
 I think the flowers may have been my favorite.
 Rolling out fondant can be messy. Baking can be messy. It adds to the creativity.
 In the end it all comes together. Don't you wish you had been there?
Enjoying the fruits of his labor. Don't you wish your nephew was this cute?

Maybe I need another Otter Pop now. Maybe I need to do extra Pilates tonight. Maybe I need some Percoset for my neck. Maybe I don't know how to spell that drug. Maybe I need to remember to go to Fed-Ex tomorrow to get an envelope for when I go to the consulate in L.A. next weekend.

I promise, my next cooking expedition will be something healthy. I love being in the kitchen. I should have been a chef.

Maybe it isn't too late to switch to culinary school. Maybe it is... Maybe when I go to France I will be like Sabrina. Except I am not pining over anyone.

Hmm... maybe I should get someone to pine over. Maybe I shouldn't. Smelling like someone's grandmother (topical pain reliever = peppermint and menthol) probably isn't helping any.


Ande Payne said…
Haha. This blog made me laugh. I loved your random, sometimes not-random musings.

And I definitely think you need to be like Sabrina in Paris. Though you are already the made-over version. I think you should find someone to pine over. In fact, I would be sad if his name weren't David. I've got some perfume I could send you so you don't smell like a grandmother...though I guess Paris could also help in that department.
Madalynn said…
Lindsey. You are awesome. And that cake was good.
Good job, little buddy.

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