Stella Would You Take Me Home?

When I bought my car two years ago I was living in Utah. Thus, that was the state I registered her in. Did I get a different driver's license? NAY!

It has cause problems though. People see my car and ask me where in Utah I am from. I am not from Utah. I am from Arizona. But that doesn't stick in anybody's brain. "You're Mormon and your license plate says Utah. That is all I can remember."

Sometimes I would see people with AZ license plates on the road and I'd think, "hey! We're friends!" Then I'd get sad because they would think I was from Utah, and thus, not their friend.

It has also caused me problems with the law. Because apparently I traffic drugs. That is what people from AZ do. Then, they drive them all the way to New Hampshire. Without getting caught. Simply by dying  their hair dark. Amazing. I know. How nobody caught me in between is beyond me. Way beyond. After all, I have an AZ driver's license and Utah registration.

Needless to say, those stupid license plates have been the bane of my existence, along with my excessively large calf muscles (that is a post for another day.)

Well, as is wont to happen from time to time (you know, once a year) my registration was due to be renewed. Last year I re-registered in Utah because of the cheaperness of it (yeah, made that up, thanks.) This year I could not take it anymore.



That first picture informs you that my license plate number is none of your business. In case you were wondering.


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