De ma Mere

My mom is coming out here on Saturday to drive across the country with me. Although part of that stems from her fear of my driving all by my onesies again, and her hatred of my sleeping in rest areas, I think she is mainly coming because she wants to see Vermont. She is tired of waiting, she wants to see it NOW!

Sorry it is going to be cold and rainy probably.

Today is mother's day and I couldn't let the day go by without reminding people that they should be jealous of me and the mother I have. You should be.

I wrote an extremely long blog post full of thanking my mom for things she has done. It was long. Really really really long. And I probably still left stuff out.

So, I'm posting this instead, because Disney is the best, much like my mother.


Anonymous said…
AH, so sweet! I can hardly wait to get there on Saturday!!!
Love Mom
Ruth said…
so glad your mom is coming to drive home with you! It will be a great time of catching up. Enjoy!

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