You Imagine in Songs that Have Never Been Played

Today is a very special day.

No. Not because people wear green and drunkenly kiss complete strangers. That is what makes this day disturbing.

No. It's not because the sun is shining and it's a balmy 43 degrees outside (I'm not even wearing a coat right now!![That does make this day awesome])

No, that is not why today is very special.

Today is my blog's birthday. On this day, five years ago, I wrote my very first blog post on this here blog.

Oh man. That paragraph... now somewhat unreadable with my current background... Sorry about that.


Five years ago...

Aw, I'm so cute!

  • I was twenty
  • I was living in Provo.
  • I still had my natural blond hair color.
  • I was pursuing my undergraduate degree in History.
  • I was excited about going to Hawaii at the end of April
  • I started my first three blog posts with the word so, which bothered me a lot when I realized that. It still does.
  • I had no idea what I should blog about ever.
  • I had just barely discovered what blogs were about a week previous, and was jealous that I did not have one.
  • My computer looked like this:

I am not even kidding. I was given my aunt's old laptop that a couple cousins had also used... It was sad.
 I am the one in the red coat. Do I look the same as I did as an infant?(More spring break info to come.)

  • I am twenty five.
  • I am living in Vermont.
  • I can't seem to stop dying my hair dark even though sometimes I think I should.
  • I am pursuing my juris doctorate (that is the only law degree that exists. In case you were wondering. People always ask me what kind of law degree I'm getting.... I'm getting the legal kind...You know, the one that lets me practice the law.)
  • I'm excited to go to Washington D.C. next week.
  • I'm even more excited to go home to Phoenix for the summer.
  • I still don't know what to blog about half the time but I sure do love it.
  • My computer is much improved. Oh, and now I have two laptops. I feel like a stupid decadent American. :-/
So, this is my blog. Thanks for reading. I have experienced some significant evolutions in the last five years, and I feel like I've really turned to blogging as a way to write down my thoughts and figure myself out.

I have dreams, big dreams, that I ponder upon during the day, and lay awake at night considering. So, there are big things to come in my life, and big things to come to this blog. I've got some new plans and ideas in the works. Of course it will all unfold right here.

Please stay tuned as my inspired thoughts continue to age and mature...


Anonymous said…
You are still as beautiful as you were as a baby. Did you buy a new laptop? Lucky.
I love you, Mom.
Renny said…

I bought a laptop in November of 2006.

Then when I got to VLS I had to get a school laptop.

Why don't you ever listen with your heart?
dances alone said…
this post makes me happy. you look phenomenal now! and i'm glad we can share in the visions and goals and dreams. so...keep on blogging! :)
trentathon said…
On behalf of your 36 subscribers, 21 followers and other readers of your blog, we're glad you entered the blogosphere. Keep up the good writing.
Ruth said…
I, for one, love your blog and am glad you started one five years ago!

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