The Second Hand Unwinds

I typed in Time After Time in the Playlist search engine for my song of the week this week.

Say what you will, I love that song. It is one of my all time favorites. Cyndi Lauper, Quietdrive, Saosin, Sarah McLaughlin, whomever sings it on the Strictly Ballroom soundtrack (I can't remember their names right now.)

Those are all the versions of that song that I own.

I love it.

So when Ashley Tisdale came up on the list of results, I wanted to stab myself. In the ear.

Listen to Cyndi's version. Remember the excellent music video she did for that song? (bahaha. The single tear at the end gets me... time after time... Oh the 80s.)

Also, did you read this? Yes I know, another blog. That nobody cares about. Why do I try? I don't know. I think I need to go to BA (Bloggers Anonymous.) Anyway, read it. Thanks.


Brian & Kyla said…
So, are switching blogs? Or, are you just going to have 2?

Hope you're staying warm!
Renny said…
The other blog is just my music blog, that I sometimes wonder why I have and whether I want to keep it, but I still have it for some reason... That's all.
Ruth said…
I have always loved that Cyndi Lauper song.....

two different generations....but a bond!

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