If I Can Make it There, I'll Make it Anywhere! (Day 3)

ADDENDUM: I forgot to tell you about my subway boyfriend on our first day in New York.
At some point on Thursday we were on the subway when this guy hopped on with his electric guitar and his amp and started playing a song for all of us. Now as is typical in the subway there were several musicians at different stops, but this was the first guy that actually got onto a train, with an amp. It was loud, and, not very good. Afterward he wandered about asking for money. I had no cash, but when he got to me he said, "you're very beautiful." "Thank you." I responded. "Will you be me girlfriend?" "Um, well, I already have a boyfriend so I can't." "Oh well thank you anyway." Then he said something else, but all I understood was "hotel room." So I figured no matter what he had said, it was something I didn't want to hear so I just responded, "no." "Oh well thank you anyway miss."
Then at the next stop he hopped off and got onto the adjoining car to regale them with his musical talent.
My subway boyfriend. So hott.
*******                                                             *******                                              *******
We decided to sleep in a bit on Friday morning since we had gotten up so early on Thursday to get to the parade.

Once we woke up we had to decide what to do with our day in a very organized fashion since we had two shows to work in. We decided to hit up FAO Schwartz and then head to Times Square to check out its awesomeness before The Lion King.

Well we couldn't figure out where FAO Schwartz was, since New York seriously has the worst maps in the world. Kathy had even tried to use her GPS on Thursday but it couldn't find a signal, perhaps the buildings are too tall? So we were kind of at a loss as to what to do about that, since we really wanted to go to FAO Schwartz (I was dying to play on the Big Piano!)
Kathy pulled out her GPS, and since we had the street address for the store she entered it, and it did showed us a map that showed us that FAO Schwartz was right along Central Park South. Which helped us figure out which subway to take.

Once we got off the subway I felt like the store should be right by us. I saw Bergdorf Goodman, and a giant snowflake hanging over the street, but no FAO Schwartz. We started walking towards the snowflake, and after crossing a few lights I said, "I think we should go back... we're going the wrong way." But I had seen a building with lights all over the front and I wanted to see what it was so we continued to walk towards it. Right next to the building of lights I saw something that brought me a squeal of delight.

Unfortunately, we did not bring our breakfast with us, but we did walk around the store in delight. It was all beautifully decorated for Christmas.

With my super awesome vest, I match the Tiffany's decor quite well.

I was so happy we had stumbled upon this wonderful find, but after we left I told Kathy I needed to take pictures of the building lit up next to it to discover it was, in fact:

I never had any intention to go to Trump Tower, but it did look very Christmas-y, and Kathy read on the outside of the building that there was an ice cream parlor inside, so we decided we had to go inside.
Trump Tower was awesome. It was beautiful, and beautifully decorated, and we saw that if we had eaten there for Thanksgiving the day before we would have saved $9 dollars. The guys at the Ice Cream Parlor were so very nice, and let us sample as many different kinds of ice cream as we wanted. Kathy and I split a scoop of double chocolate cherry ice cream, one scoop cost four dollars (two each) and Kathy doesn't normally like cherry but she was the one that was pushing for that kind as an entire scoop. We decided it was the best part of our trip so far. Thank goodness for going the wrong way!

After our ice cream we asked the very nice man at the parlor how to get to FAO Schwartz. He basically told us to go back the way we came, and that FAO Schwartz was right next to the Apple Store, so when we saw the giant apple we just had to look around and we'd see it.
As we were leaving I told Kathy that I should have asked him what it was like to work for Donald Trump. Did he get to live in Trump Tower? Did he get paid well? Did he get good benefits? Was Trump a nice guy? Next time, I'll ask that next time.

When we got to the apple store we were right by the subway exit we had come out of. There, next to the apple store was FAO Schwartz. In our defense the sign is much smaller, and the store is much further back from the entrance to the Apple store, which I  think is actually underground. There were soldiers standing out front. We walked inside and saw the FAO Schweetz, the Muppet Whatnots, giant stuffed animals. We went upstairs to the Harry Potter section, and I saw an entire wallful of Ugly Dolls, but I was wondering where on earth the Big Piano was.
 He is made entirely of jelly beans!

 I don't know why the Ugly Dolls are sideways, may haps I will fix it some other time.
Although all of these things were supremely awesome, as we wandered along I wondered out loud to Kathy where the piano was. Then we came around a corner and I saw this guy and I thought, "he looks like Jason Bateman," and then I realized, "that IS Jason Bateman!" I grabbed Kathy's coat and said, "Kathy, that's Jason Bateman!" To which Kathy responded, "I don't know who that is!" "He was in arrested development, and this movie I saw this summer with Jennifer Aniston," I couldn't really think straight, and I couldn't remember anything else, although later I recalled that he is also in Juno. I finished with, "anyway, he is REALLY famous!" Now just so you know, he was about 5 feet away while I was having this conversation. He was on the phone and pushing a stroller so maybe he didn't hear me, but you know, I felt like an idiot later. Kathy told me I'd better take his picture, but I didn't want to take one of his face, so I took one of his back as he walked past.
I sort of wandered about in a daze for a few moments, amazed that I had just had my first real celebrity sighting in New York, and then I saw a sign for the Big Piano! We walked over there and there was a line of children playing on it. I worried that adults weren't allowed, and I was bummed, but then they had a show.

It was supremely awesome, and then at the end they said that adults were allowed to play on the piano too. So we got in line and went and played. I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
As we were leaving I also got a picture with the soldiers standing guard at the front entrance.

 We found this Lego Santa as we wandered about near the big piano before the show started.

After FAO Schwartz we headed over to Times Square to wander about and change before heading to the Minskoff Theatre for The Lion King! I can't even begin to tell you how happy Times Square made me! The lights! The billboards! the people milling about in large crowds. I was overcome with the excitement of it all and snapped picture after picture. We made our way towards the M&M store and walked past the Disney Store, as well as the TKTS booth where many people buy cheap Broadway tickets (not us, we bought ours beforehand.)
 We saw her in the subway at Times Square. When you gave her some money she would bow to you and then go into a different pose. She had a sign asking that you not take pictures if you weren't going to donate money. Since I find this line of work impressive, I gave her some change.

 This says, "We will, we will feed you. . . "

This is the billboard outside of Forever 21. They take pictures of people on the square. We are in this one. Can you see us?
 After wandering about the M&M store we found a bathroom to change into dresses for the shows that evening. Unfortunately the bathroom in the M&M store only had two stalls and a long line (really New York? You do know there are a lot of people there. . . ) so some people were annoyed with us, but I tried my hardest to change as quickly as possible. Then we headed towards the Minskoff Theatre for my first ever Broadway show!!

The Lion King was amazing. From the opening note of the first song, to when all the animals start coming down the aisles as well as running across the stage, the sets and costumes are incredible, and of course the music and story line are fantastic. I was so overwhelmed by its awesomeness that during intermission I just had to go out into the upper level lobby and look out over Times Square. I was so blissfully happy. Friday in New York had been the picture of perfection. After the show you were able to take pictures with the guy that played Simba and the donations would go to finding a cure for AIDS in the U.S. as well as Africa. I couldn't afford that, but I did donate a dollar to the cause.
One not awesome thing was that one of the guys that worked there was kind of rude, he snapped at me as I went past him to this sign to take a picture, and he got into a verbal argument with some other guy over it. Kathy and I deemed him ridiculous and left. Then we went to The Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, where we were somehow amazingly fast tracked to the front of the line. ( I think it was because we looked so fancy.)

Maybe you haven't heard but I love music more than I love most things in this world, and I was in heaven in Hard Rock, even though our waiter tried really hard to get us to order alcohol (maybe he was hoping for bigger tips?) Either way, it was delicious.

We walked over to Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas Spectacular. Since we had about forty minutes before it started I wanted to take a peek inside Rockefeller Center before we went inside. There wasn't much to see inside without paying, unlike The Empire State Building they don't let you just wander the lobby, so I only got a picture of the giant chandelier before we decided to leave and some guard told us to go away. Then we headed over to the Hall that was very beautifully decorated for the show.

The show truly was Spectacular! Part of it was in 3D, and we flew through the air with Santa. The Rockettes were superb, the music and story was great fun. It ended with focusing on the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, and it was the perfect kick off to the celebration of the Christmas Season.

After the show we went to the big fancy bathroom (complete with old school phone booths and floor to ceiling mirrors in a powder room) to change into street clothes before heading out onto the cold streets. Well, as I sat on the couch trying to organize myself and put everything back into my purse a worker came over and told us we had to leave because the hall was closing in five minutes. That is when I discovered it. Gum. Someone else's gum on my blue puffer vest. Now, this would be disgusting to anyone, but my OCD hygienic issue started whirring hardcore and I wanted to cry and throw up all at the same time. "Oh no!" I cried and rushed into the bathroom to grab some toilet paper to get the gum off. Well some other worker was outside the bathroom shouting that everyone needed to leave, so the rude woman in the bathroom told me I'd have to, "take care of that someone else." That was it for Kathy. She went out into the hall and snapped at the angry barking man, "we're cleaning up a mess could you be polite?" I came out shaking with upset and anger and he said, "the hall is closing." To which I responded," well maybe you could clean it better so I wouldn't get someone else's gum on my coat." I was so upset by their pushy rudeness to two people who had paid good money to see the show. Especially because they were liars. We went down to the main lobby where there were a LOT of people milling about, not rushing towards the doors. Some people were still taking pictures with a Rockette. I went to a food vendor station and asked a woman if she had any ice and showed her the gum. She didn't have any, and couldn't find any (she was actually very nice) and suggested I go downstairs where there was an ice room.
Well we went downstairs and could not see what she was talking about, just a long line of people taking pictures with Santa. So I found a worker and said, "excuse me --"
"ma'am you need to leave we're closing in five minutes!" he barked. I was getting tired of that schtick, but I explained the gum situation, that it wasn't there when I took my coat off, but it was when I picked it up again, and someone sent me down here for ice but I didn't know where. "You can go to any vendor and get some but hurry up!" He snapped pointing at a station where there was nobody working. I looked at it, then looked back at him and said, "I already did that and she sent me down here telling me there was an ice room." "Yes go to any station they'll have ice!" He snapped pointing to the same empty station. I could feel the anger in my throat as I snapped back, "there is no one there!" I almost added, "you idiot!" but I refrained. At that moment he saw another usher walk by and said, "well maybe she can help you but hurry because we're closing." I can't even tell you how angry I was. Really? Were they kicking out Santa and the Rockettes in three or four minutes since they were closing? Or the people paying to take their picture with them? Or was it just me, who did pay for her ticket, but now needed help and since I wasn't paying extra for that, they had no help to give? I was so angry. I asked the usher for ice, and she looked at my coat and said, "oh no!" and gave me a whole cupful.

In closing, the ushers in red jackets, and vendors at Radio City Music Hall are very nice. The other workers are complete tools. So I have to say, don't ever go there. It was the worst experience in customer service I have ever had. I was especially angry that I got my true taste of that New York bad attitude at the end of my favorite day in New York, after I had just watched a completely awesome show that ended talking about the love and peace on earth at Christmas time. The blue and black jacketed people at RCMH get a negative five points from me. Two thumbs way down. Fail. Jerks. Negativity spreaders. Night ruiners. Angry makers. That is all.

After that we found a place for Kathy to buy some cough drops since her throat was hurting, and we headed back to the hostel for our last night's sleep in New York.


Ace Rey said…
You stayed at a hostel? And you didn't get killed or have all your stuff stolen?

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