This Month is Such a Special One...

In the Reynolds home, October is the month of birthdays. Both of my sisters have October birthdays, as well as myself. Then my older brother went and married someone with an October birthday. We didn't want my younger brother's wife to feel left out, so we've designated an honorary October birthday for her as well.

Today is Alicia's birthday, she is turning twenty two. Of everyone in my family, Alicia is the one who has already gotten blog posts written about her on her birthday. So today I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to write her a letter.

Dear Alicia,

I have known you all of your life. I remember when you were born; you were a heavy crier and you were so very bald.  You have mostly grown out of these two things, but I still remember them.
I remember one night when you were in your crib and you were crying and crying. I think I was only four, so you must have been one. I didn't know what to do to make you stop. I discovered the only thing that made you happy was when I stood up on the bed, looked all around, acted crazy, and then fell backwards onto the bed. You laughed and laughed. I did it over and over again, until I fell and bit my tongue and started bleeding all over the place. It hurt a lot, that is why I identify with that video with Charlie and his brother so much.

You and I shared a room for the majority of the time when we were growing up. Remember how we'd wait until mom thought we were asleep and then we'd secretly play house in the dark? Remember how if you knew I was getting up to go watch the X Files with mom, dad, and Aaron you'd freak out, so you'd never fall asleep until about 8:50, so I only got to watch the last ten minutes of every episode? Remember when Aaron would babysit and he'd try and make us go to bed so he and Tyler could jump off the couches while watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but we spied on them and said that if they didn't let us stay up we were going to tell mom. Remember how we would play this game where I was your dog? Remember when we got bunk beds and there was one slat missing on the top bunk so we'd push my mattress through and slide or roll down it? Remember how when we'd clean the room I would sing and you'd be in a bad mood because we would have already been fighting over whose mess it was and who wasn't helping, so you'd yell at me and say that I was making your eyes hurt? I'd laugh because that didn't make any sense, and then you'd be so mad at me and you'd storm out of the room. Remember playing umpire with the couch cushions in the living room?

I never told you this but I was always really worried about you in high school. I was only there for your freshman year and I wanted you to do all the extra curricular activities I did so I could keep an eye on you and make sure people were nice to you and that you had friends and were having fun. Thats why I pushed so hard for you to take theatre. Sorry your teacher ended up being Satan's minion.

You are so beautiful and so smart. Most of my male friends want to date you when they meet you. I've usually told them no because they aren't good enough for you, but I did try to let a few slip through, the few I deemed worthy of trying.

You are creative and funny and I have friends that have stolen some of your decorating ideas for their own. (Jackie has pictures hung up in her room just like yours, she saw it once and really liked how you did it.)

Our personalities couldn't be more different. Sometimes you say and do things and I have no idea what you were thinking, or what your problem is, or why you talk to me like that, or how you come up with things like that, or why you are laughing so hard and so long at something so not funny. Sometimes I'm surprised that we came from the same parents, but then something happens that we think is funny and nobody else seems to get and then it all clicks: oh yeah, thats because we're related.

I'm really glad you're my sister, even when we argue and I get really irritated with you. You are so smart and driven and you have such big goals in life that I really want you to accomplish.

I just want you to know that you've got a blimp with you right now, and always, Sasquatch.




alirara said…
this made me laugh. Thank you. Also I remember you flopping all around. It still makes me laugh./ This is probably why we think it's funny when people fall too.
Anonymous said…
Both of you are so silly, cute, awesome, sweet, weird, beautiful, smart, cool and lovable.
Love, Mom

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