A Moment with Henry: mae- A Melody, the Memory

(Dave does have a whole head. The guy taking the picture just forgot that I guess.)

Last night I did something at a concert I don't normally do, I cried.

Dear Dave, Zach, Mark, Rob, and Jacob,

I don't know where to begin. Your music is to me the transcript of my soul. I still remember that September night in 2006 when you showed me what a rock concert really was.

Your album The Everglow is incredible. Everyone should get the opportunity to hear it from beginning to end to understand it and the concept you had with it. It is the encapsulation of a story for me. Its my love story; from being so ready and waiting to fall to the breakdown.

Then it seems to me that in all the seasons of my life, short as it may seem, your music has been there. It is a chapter in my life, the rise and fall of something I hoped for and wanted; then the change and moving on, when you constantly reminded me, "please don't give up when its easy. Don't you know that me and Jesus will cheer you on? He's the only one who will be constantly, everything you need."

You reminded me that when I get knocked down I must get up again, and your music gave me hope that I could do anything. In the midst of heartbreak you defined what it was, I wasn't supposed to miss him, and I wished I'd never kissed him. Then when the majority of heartbreak was overcome there you were again, "I think that we've got what it takes to get this heart start beating again." Most recently you've said that love will find a way to bloom, and I know its true.

I don't think anyone can fully understand the special place that exists for you in my heart. From Dave's incredible ability to craft a perfect melody to Rob, the master pianist. Your music fills up my soul and changes the beating of my heart. When you started making your (m)(a)(e) EP's and donating all the proceeds to charity I knew that you too had come through that dark period where you felt your words were not your own, and had survived to get back to what you do best.

Last night was hard for a lot of reasons. To say goodbye and goodnight to a band I love so much, and for whom, for so many reasons, I feel you still need to make music just for me, was difficult. 

It was so excellent to have all five of you back together and be filled with your passion and inspiration once more.

Despite my own little musical heartbreak over your decision to move on to other things, I harbor hope that at some point you'll come back together again and make more music.

Until then, when I hear your song, it will bring back a memory, and fill up all my senses with experiences. Thank you for that. Thank you for telling my love story. As I move forward, your music will come with me into new facets of my life, I just needed you to know.

Is that your song I hear playing?
'Cause I'm feeling it too.
Does it take all direction, control over you?

When you sing do you slip away?
Back to that place in your mind?
Let our love be the one thing you wont leave behind.

Rewind and play,
time to go backwards again.
I'm moved by the way
all the notes in time make a melody.
Hold me and sway into the moment we share;
where we can stay so attached to the memory.

How I long just to hold you
and see you let go as we dance.
I know you're reminiscing through our romance.
Can you hear the piano?
And the pulse of the drums?
Does the tune and the groove bring you back to our love?
Oh, come and find it Honey...

Rewind and play
Time to go backwards again
I'm moved by the way
All the notes in time make the melody.
Night into day
Can we move onward from here?
Where we can stay on and on attached to the memory.

Oh I know you can feel it
Let it take you there
(Oh-oh oh)

Rewind and play,
time to go backwards again.
I'm moved by the way
all the notes in time make a sweet melody.
Night into day,
We have been captured again
A new time and place to make a million new memories.


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