Catalina, Madalynn-a Lupinstina Wobeldina, Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name

Okay, its time for another birthday tribute. Today is my baby sister's birthday. I can't believe you're 15 Madalynn! I feel that should be illegal.

I remember Madalynn as a little baby chicken. Her first word was "hi." She wouldn't say the whole thing, but whenever she left with anyone, when she came back home and they were carrying her through the door her eyes would get big and she'd smile and say, "h." It was so cute.

She was also a singer as a baby. She'd sit there and sing notes, no words yet, but just notes.

The first time we took her to California the only word she'd say was "no!" I think the new setting stressed her out. Our cousin Tara thought it was hilarious. It was pretty funny.

She used to love to play peek a boo with the dogs. She'd pull herself over to the door and peer out the window at them, it provided hours of entertainment for her. She also used to pull herself up so she was standing, and then she'd just stand there and bounce up and down.

When you'd hold her she was a head banger. She'd bang her head over and over into your shoulder, then look up and smile. It was so very odd, but funny.

Before she started crawling she had the fattest little thighs imaginable. We called her thunder thighs.

We weren't sure if she was going to be a red head or not (turns out no), but she is the only kid with brown eyes, so my dad says she is his only true child. (Don't worry I'm still his favorite.)

We never did figure out how she got on top of dad's truck the night of my 11th birthday party. She was a day shy of one and couldn't tell us what had happened. Thankfully she was okay, but I always believed she saw something up there she wanted and climbed up, because she is that determined.

Madalynn, you are so special to me. Not just because you were born ten years, one day, and twelve hours after me, and not just because mom used to say you looked a lot like I did when I was a baby.

Its also because you're so smart and witty. Your humor classifies as wit. You make everyone laugh, and you light up a room with your sense of humor. I'm still floored by the things you know how to do with computers (where is my blog header huh?) You are so good at so many things. I remember giving you piano lessons and how you never wanted to practice and it drove me crazy. Piano teachers should never be relatives.

Mom waited so long for you to come. We all did, but mom especially. We all know you needed to pave the way for Jacob, because you are a great leader and a great older sister like that.

I've trained you pretty well in your musical tastes, and if you'd just let me burn your Twilight books you'd find out later in life that you were really glad I did.

I picked my song of the week this week with you in mind so go ahead and listen to it.

No matter how old you get my little mini me, you'll always be Bubby, my little baby chicken. Forever Young. Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said…
Your birthday blogs always make me cry. Forever Young should really be my song you know. We made pumpkin cookies in your honor yesterday with Kyle and Shyanne. Love you.
madalynn said…
Ahaha thanks :)
Happy birthday by the way! :D

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