Can't You See the Fall is Coming?

Yesterday it started: October. Its no secret to anyone that October is the best months of all the months there are to choose from.

I celebrated the advent of this, the best of times, by:

1. Starting my day off with being a little late to work. I work from 9 to 1 in the Dean's Office. That means I need to leave Randolph by 8:30 AM to get there on time. Yesterday there was a torrential downpour of rain (more on this later.) I was driving along when suddenly traffic was stopped.

If you've ever been to VT, you'll know this is a strange phenomenon. Slow because there is a tractor on the road? Yes. Completely stopped with a long line of cars waiting like its a big city during rush hour? Completely unheard of. I had no idea what was going on, but I assumed it had something to do with the rain, so I turned around and spent 15 minutes driving to the freeway, thus being late for work. Fortunately, my supervisor wasn't there, so it didn't even end up mattering.

2. After work I went and picked up my first paycheck. The peasants rejoiced.

3. I went to talk to Erica Davidson in the International Law Office about whether or not I had already turned in my declaration form, I couldn't remember, so I told her I was turning in another one to be safe. She said that sounded like a good idea. Erica is so nice.

4. I went to the French language table at 5 Olde. It is just what it sounds like, a bunch of people that speak French get together for an hour to speak French to each other. A few of the French students came so that was helpful. I have forgotten so much, but there was a girl that said Dartmouth would be offering a class in the winter that anyone could take, there was supposed to be one this semester but not enough people signed up. I'm signing up, we've got to make sure this happens, I need to remember my French!

5. I went to Shabbat dinner at the school. For those of you that don't know, Shabbat is the Jewish Friday night dinner. The Jewish Law Student Association was putting one on, and they invited other students to come, so I RSVPed, free food? Hello? Who turns that down? Sometimes its just really awesome to talk to people that hold a lot of similar beliefs to you and feel less alone.

That is what happened last night. Plus the food was delicious, and there was even a sweet potato dish: hello fall!!

As for the rain? Well it was raining pretty heavily all day. So much so that at one point the school sent out an email warning students that had parked in the lower lot by the river that they should move their cars.

I really wish I had my camera so I could have taken pictures of the White River to show you because it was out of control. Okay, not OUT of control, it didn't jump its banks or wash out the bridge like I worried it might. It was running really high though.

Fortunately, I do have pictures of the fall. They don't do it justice. You have to come see it to understand how absolutely beautiful this place gets in autumn.

The dog isn't, you know, fall foliage, but he was sitting there so quietly and well behaved, I had to take his picture.

I'm so excited for what the rest of October will bring. A mae concert, an Anberlin concert, Alicia's birthday, Madalynn's birthday, pumpkin parties and my birthday, going to Salem, Massachusetts; all starting with this weekend and watching this. Are you watching it? I'm excited to see it, and you should be too.

Happy October everyone!


dances alone said…
Oh I thought the dog was the best representation of fall there! jk those pictures were beautiful though, and I'm so glad october is looking lovely for you. Yeah for money! Yeah for fall! Yeah for pumpkins! what a lot to yeah for :)
Brian & Kyla said…
Oh, I wish Fall looked like that here.
Ace Rey said…
It looks so quaint. Don't forget that October is also Korina's birthday! Yep I want to seal our families brokeness in the month of October.

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