Was I Out of My Head or Was I Out of My Mind?

Today is the first day of Autumn. I have been looking forward to this day for weeks now.

Kathy and I went to the Tunbridge World's Fair on Saturday. Its the most happenin' thing in all of Vermont.

The air is getting crisper and cooler. Its pretty much pumpkin and jumping into piles of leaves time. Mae and Anberlin are coming in October. I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm really enjoying all of my classes and I'm excited about my paper topics. Chuck started again last night. Life is freakin' good.

Then, tonight while working on homework my computer developed some major issues.
I had my crack team of nerd friends on the case and they were all at a loss.
This is the computer I bought in 2006. This is the computer that Nate just installed Windows 7 on in August. This is the computer I just bought a new battery for on Amazon (29 bucks, no shipping, SNAP!)
Now its having "issues." I doubt when I take it to Best Buy the guy at the Geek desk will look like Zachary Levi, but a girl can hope.

UPDATE: Last night at 11 PM I finally fixed it. Does this make me a computer nerd?


Brian & Kyla said…
I wish it looked like that here! It's still humid and hot.
dances alone said…
i'm so glad you posted this cause i've been distracted and not really excited about fall. Now I am more excited for fall and I'm glad you're doing such great things.
and i will post stuff i just don't have pics so it'll be boring. unless you pester jackie and she sends me her pics.

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