My Life is Awesome

This post on the fourth is a little late, but I just wanted to post a few pictures from the weekend.

The weekend was filled with giddy happiness as Shena came up to Yakima for the weekend. It had been nearly a year since Shena and Jackie had seen each other, and seriously, any time I can spend together with friends is just completely lovely.

The holiday weekend was filled with late nights, hiking Cowiche Canyon, trying to pick cherries and getting there too late to pick our own but still buying some delicious ones to gorge ourselves on, watching Alice in Wonderland, enjoying the break the fast feast, and heading up to Cle Elum where Shena's friend Derek's family has a cabin and enjoying the bonfire and the fireworks in town.

All in all, this weekend was perfect. Monday Shena left :( and Jackie had to work :(, but I did sleep in :) and wander around the Yakima green taking a few pictures, so here is a conglomeration of photos.


I'm not certain why she is a sad little orange. She sad she was having trouble with her sunglasses...

Jackie's cute little purse for her camera. I love it. I might steal it...

This was my testing out my fireworks setting... on Derek...

Fireworks make us so HAPPY!!

Jackie said Yakima was ugly...

Now here is a video of these lovely wonderful girls to show you a small taste of their vast talents. They're pretty much going to be famous some day.


dances alone said…
yeah!!! I love yakima when yackie and rindsey are in it!!

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