A Moment with Henry: Seasons of Love

Not a big fan of Rent- I find it a cheap knock off of a beautiful opera.
Not a big fan of Valentine's Day- something about it has never sat right with me. Sure, do something special with the one you love, and as long as that "something special" doesn't include a question, a ring, and calling the parents with the exciting news I think I'll be alright with it.
I AM an ENORMOUS fan of Stevie Wonder. Seriously, the man is a musical genius. 
Also a fan of the song Seasons of Love. Always have been. Partially because of this version with Stevie, but because I like the idea that the years of our lives are always measured in love.
So, I guess, in the spirit of the day of love, I have a question:

525,600 minutes, how do you measure your life in love?

I think about meals eaten together, phone conversations, late night talks, hair dying parties. Listening to someone's woes, and having them do the same for me. Forgiving in an argument or a comment taken the wrong way. Spending time with a sibling when they're having a bad day, week, month, year. Celebrating a brother's engagement (yay Tyler and Jessica!), laughing with someone, being yourself around someone, being NOT yourself around someone, but somehow that brings you closer together anyway. Being in the hospital with a family in need, trying to keep it together for your sister, falling apart in front of a friend and letting them take up the slack, finding a way to show them you're grateful for that, again, doing the same for them when they need it.

So again, I ask you, how do you measure your life in love?


Dayna said…
rather than answering your question, I will simply concur that I like the Stevie Wonder version of "Seasons of Love." Stevie knows how to do it.
dances alone said…
i want to show my love by posting a comment, but it is a rather deep question and I'm not sure I can do it justice now! but it will try! later...

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