It Won't Be Long Before We'll All Be There With Snow

I heard horror stories about the Vermont winters when I first got here. "You won't be able to see this fence by April." "When you look out the window during class all you'll see is a wall of snow." "The ice storms look cool but the roads can be scary." "Last year some people's power went out for three weeks after an ice storm!" "If you don't have steel studded tires, you will die." "It threw my car out of alignment." "We tried to go for a walk, but it was negative 20 degrees outside!"
Snow came late, but when it hit during finals week last semester I thought that was it, my life was over. This winter, however, has been a mild one.Just south of here in Boston, D.C., and PA they have been getting slammed, but its been mild, and kind of dreary here. It rarely snows, it usually rains, and when it does snow, it doesn't stick for long.
Today, Vermont and the snow gods fought back. They simply decided they couldn't stand for it anymore. School is canceled, its still snowing. Hell hath no fury like a Vermont winter scorned. It started strong last night, and somewhere between 4 AM when I went to bed and 8 AM when I woke up, the power had gone out and come back on.Me? I went outside and took pictures just for you. These are all at 8:30 AM. Who knows what the world will look like at 5:00 PM, when the snow is supposed to finally stop.
This is the pathway outside my door. My landlords shoveled it for me, aren't they so nice?

Stella!!!!!!!!!!! I just laughed when I saw this. I'll have quite the time digging her out later. I wonder how deep she'll get buried...

 I'm definitely going out and playing in this later. After I take a nap...


trb48 said…
Did you catch up on your sleep?
dances alone said…
oh my gosh! there you go vermont, bask in the glory! We got a little snow yesterday and I thought..."huh. It is still winter." and then I thought, "i don't feel like working in this." so i didn't, I went home and took a nap. snow didn't stick though, so we got nothin on you
Ruth said…
Great snow! I grew up with snow so I wonder how someone who didn't would feel about it but there is something so magical about it all!

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