I Love Brother, He Loves Me

So, I realized that of all my family members, the only one I've ever really said anything about on my blog here is my sister Alicia. I feel this situation must be rectified. This year, they're all getting a special birthday tribute.

Starting today, with the youngest. Jacob.

I can still remember the day my mom brought Jacob home from the hospital. I mean I was thirteen so its not like it was that hard, but still. He was so cute and fat, although I was a little bugged that he weighed half an ounce less than I did when I was born, branding me as the fattest baby in our family.

Jacob has always been a little withdrawn. My mom used to say that he was supposed to come before Madalynn, but he was too afraid, so she went ahead and came down before him to pave the way. Of course this makes no sense, but it describes their relationship to each other so well. Madalynn, the leader, Jacob, the faithful, but wise, follower.

He is also very methodical. In kindergarten he'd always have homework because they would start a project and he would have to do everything just so, and so as other kids would get bored with something and finish it in some messy manner, he'd be hard at work, making everything perfect. Then he'd have to bring it home to finish it up.

He has gotten faster at getting his work done, but still so methodical. Don't get that kid started telling a story, he will tell you EVERY DETAIL, relevant or not. His mind is like a steel trap (which is probably why he is so good at chess.) Except today, he told me the funniest story about how my mom left school without picking him up, even though she drove right past him. (She thought he had student council, she wasn't being negligent.) He did a good job telling the story, I laughed so hard, then I made him put my mom on the phone and I told her what he said and we both continued laughing.

Jacob is one of those people that makes a big goal, and then creates all the little goals he needs to achieve it, and then gets it done. He is taking part in a state contest, that every fifth grader can participate in. If he does 60 minutes of exercise every day in February, he is entered to win a Wii Fit or an iPod shuffle. While his winning is uncertain, his finishing this project to be entered is not.

When Jake was little and learning his letters we'd play this game where we'd sing the ABC song but we would alternate the letters. If one of us accidentally said someone else's letter we'd have to start over. He would wait until we got to about X, and then purposely shout out the letter on my turn, laugh and say, "oh man! Now we have to start over!" Then he'd give me this mischievous smile, as though he thought I was unaware of his sly little trick, I'd never know he planned it all along.

I still can't believe that my baby brother is eleven. He is always on Principal's List, he was determined to get everyone two Christmas presents, and he was mad that the 6th Harry Potter movie wasn't like the book. He loves sports, and is planning on being on BYU's football team someday. He thinks of great games (grab,grab,grab, make,make,make is an eternal favorite) and his interrupting orange joke is classic. I can't imagine life without him. Happy Birthday Jake!


Ace Rey said…
He also moves around a lot in his sleep. I'm just sayin'...
dances alone said…
this makes me miss him, and I only met him once or twice! What a great brother!
Ruth said…
You make me cry with your beautiful family stories. I love you guys!

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