White Winter Hymnal

School starts again tomorrow and grades were posted today. Grades are always my worst nightmare, seriously, nightmares of failing fill my nights. I know the only way to make them go away is to look, but I never want to. I did anyway. My GPA is within the "recommended GPA for first semester." Which is good I suppose. I don't know my ranking yet. I won't know that until the end of the month. Transferring may not be an option, but I think I'll try anyway, because you never know. Maybe they just want someone to show moxie. Or spunk. Whatev.

I have to go read for Civil Procedure and Criminal Law now. The good times man, they just never end.
I feel weird. Law school makes you feel weird because you put all of this effort into it, and your grades aren't necessarily meritorious. Like I honestly feel like I put forth an A effort. But some teachers just don't give out 'A's. So there you go. I mean its fine I guess, I really didn't come anywhere near failing which is very good, but I wonder sometimes why I've decided to subject myself to this torment. Especially since while searching for a summer job I've come to the conclusion that I don't know if I want to practice law. I mean, that has always been there, I never saw myself in a court room litigating.

Its hard to explain. I don't regret coming to law school, I still feel good about that decision, but I'm wondering why I feel good about a decision to shell out all this money for something when I'm not going to follow the typical "lawyer" path. International Law, it has such a nice ring to it, but there are so many vast options I can take with that that it is just hard to know right now what I want to do.

In conclusion, receiving my grades gave me no definitive answers. Sometimes I wish life would stop being like that.


Brian & Kyla said…
Transferring? Where would you go?
Renny said…
Right now I'm thinking about University of Minnesota, although I'll probably apply to a few schools and just see.
I'll more than likely still be in Vermont next year, but you never know...
Ande Payne said…
Just the other day I was wondering why I didn't chose a major where I would get to wear pants with an elastic waistband for my career.

What I'm really trying to say is: it sucks, but it will be worth it.
Docface said…
Hang on! Keep praying and you know that good things will happen! I love you and think you are outstanding!

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