What a Wonderful World

I am writing a story about my sister. The way it came about is a little funny to me. She said she wished someone would narrate her life, and I posted something on her facebook wall after telling her I would. But then I just kept thinking about it, what else I could say to narrate her life, and this story started taking shape in my head. So, here is the first part, the story of Alicia. 

Let me tell you the story of a girl named Alicia Mae. Alicia Mae moved to Provo, Utah to attend Brigham Young University. Amidst the infinite number of possibilities facing her with majors, she finally settled upon Earth and Space Science Education. This major was useful to her, as she could imagine what planets she would send the jerky missionaries she served food to at her job at the MTC. Our story begins in 2010, on a particularly interesting day for Alicia, Wednesday, when she had class, and was about to discover something incredible...
This Wednesday began as any other, Alicia awoke at 5 AM to the sounds of the ROTC jogging and singing outside. It has long been believed that the students in ROTC are determined that if they have to be outside running in the freezing cold, that the rest of the sleeping world must suffer with them.
Sighing Alicia got out of bed ready to start her day. It was the third day of class, and she felt she was starting to settle into her routine. As she entered her History of Creativity class this incredible looking guy walked up to her. He had really nice white teeth and was muscular and strong, with beautiful amber eyes. Smiling at her he said, “I think Stephanie Meyer had a dream about us.” Alicia punched him in the face, and everyone in her class cheered. She had no use to live her life in a relationship with bad literature, or creepy controlling stalker men. She took a seat and as her teacher began to drone about the reading assignment from Monday, Alicia looked down at her notes and saw a piece of paper.
“The silver shoes will bring you back.”
She wondered what this meant. Well, obviously not what the phrase itself meant, everyone knew that the silver shoes would bring you back. She wondered more why the paper was there, who had written it, and most importantly, if she was going to get a new pair of shoes.
Next on her agenda was her Geology class. Alicia loved geology. She loved dirt, she loved rocks, she loved trees, she loved mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, and most of all she loved flowers. Her professor had told the class about a few field trips they would be taking that semester but Wednesday’s class brought a surprise.
“We are taking a pop field trip today! Hope you all brought your snow boots.” With that the class walked outside, and found a bus waiting for them just behind the JFSB. They traveled up into rock canyon, and filed out behind their professor, bundled up in their winter coats. As the professor led them along the trail, Alicia admired the rocks that stuck out from underneath. Beneath one rock she saw something that amazed her. A flower, in full bloom, in the dead of winter. Alicia couldn’t believe her eyes. She stepped forward, and leaned down to try and determine what type of flower it was, and that was when she heard it. A loud crack cut through the air, and the ground beneath her gave way.
Alicia felt her stomach doing flip flops as she fell, she squeezed her eyes shut as fear filled her heart; she never thought that this was the way she would die. Then suddenly she landed with a thud. She opened her eyes and looked around her amazed at what she saw. She sat in the middle of a wide open field, covered in the flower she had been looking at just before the earth gave way beneath her. She felt a warm breeze, and realized she was getting hot and sweaty underneath her winter coat. “What is this place?” she asked herself as she removed the heavy layers she was encased in. She looked around and didn’t see anyone else. So, standing, she decided to explore the area and figure out where she was at, and how she could get back home.


alirara said…
It's like a dream come true!
dances alone said…
ooooh what happens? that is enthralling and I just want to know where Alicia is. Scary! But cool. And who is she to major in that? I'm a little miffed, but glad for her as well. nice writing lindsey!
OHmommy said…
What happens... at the end... I want it to continue!
Renny said…
That is actually her major Switz... I don't know why you're miffed by it...
This story is getting very long, and now I don't know if I'm going to post all of it. I sent what I wrote so far to my sister and if she likes it I'll post more.
Ande Payne said…
Please, please let her post more Alicia.

Please, please be an author. If anyone should narrate a life it should be you. You and Emma Thompson from that one movie.

But you're cooler than Emma Thompson

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